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Maximize the power of your data, our data, and third-party data with Kalibrate’s range of software platforms. Visualize, strategize, and optimize with cutting-edge AI and machine learning to know your market better than ever before.

Location intelligence software

Kalibrate Location Intelligence

Still relying on gut-feel to make site or portfolio decisions? Act with certainty with the help of our market-leading location intelligence platform.

Kalibrate supports organizations globally in realizing the potential of their brand through better site selection and marketing decisions.

With Kalibrate Location Intelligence, you can:

  • Visualize your customers, your portfolio, and your competition
  • Find the best opportunities for new store development and acquisition
  • Reach your next customers with location-based segmentation

Explore our gold-standard location platform today.

Kalibrate Fuel Pricing

Your profits depend on intelligent fuel pricing. That depends on up-to-date data. You could waste valuable time trying to keep up with the market. Or let us do the hard work for you.

Kalibrate gives fuel and convenience retailers from more than 49 countries all the data points they need to price fuel more effectively than the competition.

With Kalibrate Pricing, you can:

  • Price fuel confidently without guesswork
  • Reduce risk in your pricing strategy
  • Sell more fuel at better margins

Discover how we can help you price on point at every pump.

Kalibrate Fuel Planning

Want to know the outcome of gas station opening, upgrade or acquisition before you make investments? Only an objective assessment of your current position will reveal the best strategy and remove the guesswork from you network planning decisions.

Make intelligent investments site-by-site with comprehensive market data and patent pending predictive methodologies.

Kalibrate Planning enables you to:

  • See your fuel and retail network with complete clarity
  • Seize opportunities before anyone else
  • Harness predictive power to maximize return

Grow your network with confidence and get ahead of the competition.

Software that shakes up conventional thinking

Global restaurant chain leverages Kalibrate analytics for expansion

Global restaurant chain leverages Kalibrate analytics for expansion

“Discover how Kalibrate used its data and analytics capabilities to empower a restaurant chain when creating its growth strategy.”

Over 5,000 locations

Expansion and growth strategy

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