Kalibrate is your decision making partner

There are no other companies in our market that boast the longevity of the Kalibrate brand. Our decision support software arms fuel and convenience retailers, supermarkets, and oil companies across the globe with market intelligence, micro-local data, and precision pricing and planning tools. Find out more about Kalibrate, our clients and partners, and the people that make the company unique.

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Our company values

Lead the way

Kalibrate is a market leader with unrivaled global experience and local knowledge. We strive to stay ahead, paving the way for our clients. We honor our commitments, learn from our mistakes and we make confident, considered decisions.

Empower others

We empower our clients to make better decisions. We have the tools and knowledge to ensure your company thrives. We're always a partner to our clients, we collaborate and communicate, agree goals and encourage data-based decisions.