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Fuel retail moves quickly. Organizations are required to sell more fuel, at a better margin, with lower cost and reduced risk.

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software for fuel retail planning and pricing

Fueling growth in an increasingly digital world

Fuel retail is always evolving. Maximizing site potential – while understanding consumer behavior and competitor activity – is more important than ever. Here’s where Kalibrate can help. Intuition is no longer enough to keep pace and maximize your growth potential. Data holds the key to transforming your network strategy and unlocking growth. 

fuel retail consulting

Understand fuel customers

Today’s connected world gives us the ability to truly understand how consumers live, work, shop, and play. Our solutions provide invaluable insights to inform optimal decisions and maximize profitability.

  • Investigate your trade area and who your customers and the journeys they take
  • Forecast the performance on potential new builds, site upgrades, or acquisitions and their impact on your existing portfolio
  • Understand site-specific drivers of success and discover ways to maximize revenue 

Invest in the right markets, attract new customers, and outperform your competition

fuel retail industry experts

Stay one step ahead of the competition

Fuel retail is a competitive space. Evaluating your sites in the context of the competition empowers you to take decisive action and react rapidly to competitive changes and market opportunities.

  • Respond intelligently to market opportunities and competitive change 
  • Evaluate the value and pitfalls of previous price positions, and their impact on your bottomline 
  • Make rapid fuel pricing decisions to out manoeuvre the competition  

Fueling location-critical business decisions with robust pricing intelligence, location planning data, and retail analytics enables you to keep pace with market volatility, price effecitvely, and compete in a changing market.

data for fuel retail planning and pricing

Unlock established expertise

There are no other companies in our market that boast the longevity of the Kalibrate brand. Kalibrate has served the fuel retail industry since the 1970s, providing unrivaled global experience and in-depth local knowledge to the fuel retail sector.  

  • More than four decades of global fuel retail expertise  
  • Decade long partnerships that have helped many of the major oil companies reach their growth targets 
  • Vast, far-reaching fuel retail data sets and patented and reliable data science methods  

With a team of experts across the globe, recruited from within the fuel retail industry, our sector-specific knowledge underpins every fuel retail solution to drive better decision-making for your organization. 

Find out how a major oil company restructured their offering to improve on market effectiveness

Oil company becomes market pacesetter after restructuring retail network

Oil company becomes market pacesetter after restructuring retail network

“A major global oil company realized that the model for fuel retail success was changing. How could they restructure their offering to maintain their leading market effectiveness?”

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