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Exceptional fuel pricing requires a solid, but adaptable strategy. You need local insights, deep market expertise, and proven AI to maximize fuel profits.

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Make consistent, auditable fuel pricing decisions that generate more profit

Successful fuel pricing teams take a multitude of factors into account to set the perfect fuel price strategy at every site, and automatically send prices to POS and signage systems. Rapid responses allow fuel pricing teams to capitalize on opportunities, before the competition, to gain volume or margin when it counts. 

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Balance volume and margin to maximize fuel profit

Optimizing fuel prices by using patented data science approaches and AI methods to perfect the balance between volume and margin, is proven to increase profit. On average, Fuel Pricing teams have achieved: 

  • margin increase $0.0048 
  • volume increase 1.9% 
  • weekly gross profit increase per site $331 

A proven data driven, scientific approach will deliver greater results — while allowing full visibility of the outcomes and allowing your team to learn from AI. 

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Generate on-brand, sustainable improvements

Quick gains in fuel profits are often not sustainable and can damage the integrity of your brand promise. Understanding the rules and constraints of your brand to identify subtle pump price changes will bring sustainable profit gains.  

  • Identify where there is room for subtle price movements, that go undetected in the market 
  • Calculate the best solution for long term profit gains  
  • Achieve growth while upholding brand integrity  

Changes in fuel price strategy should remain predictable to your loyal customers, and undetectable to your competitors. 

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Improve efficiency to drive profitability

Rapid reactions in fuel pricing decisions can mean the difference between loses and gains. By automating parts of your fuel pricing processes you can increase efficiency and maximize the value of human expertise.

  • Automate sending price decisions directly to POS and digital signage systems — to maximize opportunities 
  • Value human input, by using your team for the tasks that truly require their expertise 
  • Make consistent and auditable decisions across whole network 

A more efficient process allows fuel pricing teams to price entire networks from central locations, and use their experience and expertise in the areas that can have the most impact — to drive profitability increases. 

The Kalibrate approach

We believe in a statistically smarter, data-driven approach to fuel pricing.

We analyze all the data at your disposal as the foundation of everything we do.

The more robust your data, the more relevant your automated pricing can be. 

  • Easy solutions to record competitor prices
  • Complete view of historic prices to deepen understanding
  • Flexible options to view the data that is most important to your pricing decisions


Kalibrate’s proven and patented data science approach gives you peace of mind and more visibility than any other fuel pricing software provider.
  • Price elasticities  

Calculating how demand responds to changes in pump prices for different fuel grades on your own sites, as well as competitor price changes.

  • Trends and scales for every product  

Data science models that account for seasonality, day of the week, and other factors to determine different scales for every product at every site.  

  • Rule and constraints 

AI cross-references the calculated price against user-specified rules and constraints so the final price will never be unexpected.

  • Volume and margin targets  

The final fuel price is optimized to meet your own volume and margin targets. Generate the very best price for a given product on a given day to drive your business towards success. 

Getting the data and methodologies right will only take you so far – the specialist knowledge of our team is what helps you go further.
  • Unbeatable experience  

Incorporating over 40 years of fuel industry experience, the Kalibrate team can help you on the path to fuel pricing success. 

  • For fuel pricing teams, by fuel pricing teams 

Many members of our product development and customer success teams previously worked client-side, in large fuel retailers, making strategic fuel pricing decisions every day.  

  • Global presence, global awareness 

Working in over 70 countries across the world, our team have extensive experience in markets at all levels of maturity and development.  

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Preem Swedish fuel provider improves profitability

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