Value gap analysis: focusing marketing investment for the biggest impact

By leaning on the power of spatial analytics, marketers can improve results by prioritizing marketing spend in the geographies with the best potential to generate results.

Optimizing your marketing budget

Value gap analysis ensures that resources are focused in areas with the highest upside potential for revenue, traffic, and market share growth.

  • Rank each of your brand’s brick-and-mortar locations — or your online shopping footprint—on the basis of its market penetration rate
  • Compare the current performance of each location to its potential performance to identify your value gap and allocate investment appropriately
  • Take a highly data-driven approach to marketing resource allocation

Where your value gap is high, you can allocate the appropriate resources to capture that additional share of revenue. Where you are already maximizing your market penetration and your value gap is low, you can divert marketing spend appropriately.


Start your journey to reliable value gap analysis today

Using your brand’s value gap and our precision trade area analysis, we apply thousands of household-level data points to identify those variables that are most predictive of a prospect’s fit with your brand’s value proposition. 

  • Rankings of your brick-and-mortar portfolio based on market penetration
  • Empowering insight that improves marketing ROI
  • Extensive experience from the Kalibrate team to support you throughout

How do I get started?

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