Competitive Insights foot traffic data delivers real-time competitive edge

Our mobility-based analytics solution gives you complete visibility across customer behavior, your locations, and the competition.

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Competitive Insights: unrivaled functionality and insight

Through an extensive library of geofences across the US and Canada and our expertise in analytics, Competitive Insights helps to answer your most critical location and competition-based questions.

Know how you're competing

Real-time on-demand benchmark analysis to see how your stores are performing compared to competitor locations or portfolios

Cross-shop analysis

Identify the number of customers shopping between your locations and your competition on a by-site or by-brand level

Assess the impact of co-tenants

Understand which co-tenants impact performance and how – so you know which brands to locate near to and which to avoid

Granularity by day of week, by time of day, by unique device

Foot traffic data helps you spot your busy and quieter periods - and see how that compares to market benchmarks

Home, work, and trip-based trade area analysis

Easily visualize the types of journeys to your locations and how it compares to your competition

Demographic and lifestyle based consumer profiling

Understand the demographic profile of your customers and your competitors' customers

Complete visibility of customer behavior

Knowing how customers behave should be a key goal of all retail concepts serious about retaining and winning market share from their competition. Utilizing Competitive Insights you can:

  • Gain insight into the journeys customers take – from home, work, and trip to trade
  • Understand who is visiting your locations and your competitor’s locations by day, hour, and who’s coming back
  • Assess where customers are currently shopping when entering new markets, so you know your competition


Cross-shop analysis

Foot traffic data, a subset of mobility data, unlocks dynamic insight on how customers are interacting with your retail concept, so you can take the appropriate action when selecting locations, co-tenants, marketing tactics, and more.

  • Quantify the amount of cross-shopping happening between your facilities and competitor’s locations
  • Understand which competitors take share when they open in your market – and who you take share from when you open in your market
  • Discover which co-tenants have positive and negative impacts on store performance

From mobility to analytics to actionable insight

Kalibrate’s extensive experience in helping retailers answer location- and marketing-based questions means Competitive Insights gives real, tangible answers to your most challenging questions.

  • Benchmark your location and brand against competitor sites or brands, so you know where you’re performing well and where you can optimize performance
  • Maximize the potential of your locations by knowing how to win market share from your competition
  • Real-time visit data allows you to measure the success of marketing activity to target neighborhood groups


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