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TrafficMetrix® removes the guess work from traffic data analysis with reliable connected car and AADT data — with extensive coverage, and annual refreshes with monthly data

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Answer your business questions with detailed traffic data

TrafficMetrix® is the most granular road traffic data available in the US, giving businesses a complete view of traffic behavior, not just traffic presence — and it’s ready to be used with any GIS tool or analyzed as raw traffic data.


Request a TrafficMetrix® sample

Request a TrafficMetrix® sample

Take a look at a sample of the TrafficMetrix® data set to see it's unrivaled granularity and coverage for yourself

Kalibrate partners with Wejo to provide unbeatable traffic insight for the US TrafficMetrix® data fields and methodology Request a TrafficMetrix® sample

Why TrafficMetrix® stands out


million road segments


day refreshes


hourly and day of the week data


states covering the whole US

Traffic data points

In-depth traffic data from TrafficMetrix® provides organizations with an understand of traffic flow. Generating valuable insight to answer your most challenging questions.

Daily traffic data

Gain an understanding of how traffic on each road segment changes across the days of the week

Hourly traffic data

Analyze traffic density by hour to understand how to maximize opportunities at peak times

Direction of travel

Learn which side of the road has more traffic overall, or at different times, so you can choose the best location for your needs

Monthly seasonality

Increase your understanding of how traffic flow changes over time with in-depth traffic data that shows monthly seasonality

AADT traffic counts

Streamlined, aggregated, and standardized, annual average daily traffic data is available in a consistent format for the whole of the US

Average speed

View areas of fast or slow-moving traffic to identify locations that will bring the most exposure to your site or signage

Hard braking and hard acceleration data

Identify road segments with hard braking or acceleration traffic incidents to work out if a chosen location is right for you

5 year traffic projections

Make strategic, future proofed decisions based on reliable traffic projections

TrafficMetrix traffic count data

Traffic flow, not just traffic density

This granular traffic data set gives you an understanding of traffic flow beyond just the presence of traffic, to really pinpoint the right location for your needs and take the guesswork out of traffic data analysis.

  • Understand the movement of traffic through different road segments
  • Track the busiest periods to choose the best locations
  • Identify average speed as well as hard braking and hard acceleration spots for a deeper understanding
Road Traffic Counts

Work with your existing processes

TrafficMetrix can be used with any GIS tool or analyzed as raw traffic data.  Delivered in multiple formats you have the ability to analyze traffic data as part of your current processes, in your existing toolset.

  • Ready for use in any GIS tool
  • Available to analyze as raw data
  • It fits with your process, not the other way around
Traffic counts for all road types

Complete coverage

TrafficMetrix is more representative, and more accurate than data sets that rely on mobile data alone. Giving you greater peace of mind that you’re making decisions you can depend on.

  • Extensive coverage for all road types
  • Available across the whole of the US
  • All roads covered including trunk, primary, secondary and tertiary

Ready to learn more from granular traffic data?

TrafficMetrix allows you to understand everything you need to know about traffic data for your zip code, including:

  • AADT
  • 5 year projections
  • Hourly traffic
  • Daily traffic
  • Average speed
  • Hard acceleration
  • Hard braking
  • Direction of traffic

TrafficMetrix is only suitable for those looking for a full zip code of traffic data or larger, we cannot provide data for a single location. 

Get in touch with our team today to understand just how Traffic Data can help you make profitable data-driven decisions.

Frequently asked questions

  • TrafficMetrix® is available in three packages, Essential, Premium, or Pro — and each have different levels of granularity – view the packages here. 

  • Available in multiple formats including CSV, TrafficMetrix® can be used with your existing GIS tool. The initial file and all subsequent updates are sent via SFTP to the designated delivery contact on your team. Updates are annual or annual with monthly data depending on your package.

  • Connected car data is collected from a vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) or Controller access network (CAN) and records the vehicles’ location, direction, speed, and other data attributes. It’s different from mobile data in that it comes from the car itself and not the passenger’s mobile device.

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