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Providing detailed and comprehensive traffic data for the US

TrafficMetrix® the best traffic data option for you if:

  • You need to analyze a full zip code or larger geography
  • You need credible data sources that aren’t restricted by small sample sizes
  • You have access to a GIS tool or want to work with raw traffic data*

*We work with a number of partners who provide TrafficMetrix® data as part of their wider GIS tools and platforms. If you require an analytics tool for your data, we can put you in touch with a suitable vendor.


Who uses TrafficMetrix®?

  • Fuel and convenience retailers, optimizing or planning new sites
  • Real estate brokers, hoteliers, and those in hospitality
  • Technology companies modeling consumer behavior
  • Local governments and town planners
  • OOH advertisers

Thousands of companies use TrafficMetrix® to make informed business planning decisions every day.

From Global Fortune 100 companies to small businesses, governments, and educational institutions, TrafficMetrix® is a critical component to strategy planning and tactical execution.