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Fueling better decision making in Canada — Kalibrate’s Decision Suite is Canada's platform for success in fuel and convenience retail. Create robust strategies to deliver real-time results with our data, software, analytics, and consultancy expertise.

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Canadian petroleum price data

Kalibrate offers an extensive database of current and historical petroleum retail prices, wholesale prices, refiner and marketer gross margin analysis, taxation histories and crude oil postings in Canada.

Analyze Canadian pricing analytics through

  • Pump price survey data
  • Current price reports
  • Margin reports
  • Price timelines
  • Benchmark reports

Kalibrate's Decision Suite

We provide business intelligence, from tactical, granular responses, to long term, strategic insights.

Fuel pricing

Sell more fuel, at a better margin, with lower cost, and reduced risk. Put AI and machine learning to work to dynamically evolve your pricing strategy.

Location planning

Plan new sites and maximize their potential. Understand consumer behavior, demographic characteristics, traffic and competitor activity in possible locations. Understand where and how to build your new site. Save time and money.

Network transformation

Transform your network by understanding which actions will deliver quantifiable outcomes and maximum ROI. Open and upgrade with precision.

Data intelligence

From raw data to curated insights, use business intelligence that delivers competitive advantage in your market development strategy.

Powerful business intelligence data for fuel retailers who want to gain market share.

Kalibrate Market Intelligence provides granular detail on competitor performance allowing businesses to make better informed decisions. 

Create clarity around market and competitor activity, so you can act and react accordingly. Kalibrate Market Intelligence provides unparalleled insight into market dynamics, allowing you measure the success of your strategic, operational, and tactical decisions, and to build a stronger brand and more resilient business. Trusted by Canada’s major fuel companies, Kalibrate Market Intelligence brings you: 

  • Accurate volumetric and pricing data for the Canadian market 
  • Powerful analytics to explore and interact with that data — create visualizations, and generate insights 
  • The ability to understand market trends and to empower your decision making 
Analyze any part of Kalibrate’s vast Canadian data set

Discover sales volumes by fuel grade for any location.

 — from one single gas station to a full municipality.  

All market sites are refreshed at least quarterly. This data is accurate, complete, and verifiable  fuel volume data is collated from site visits to over 7,000 fuel and retail outlets in over 370 markets across Canada. Kalibrate’s data is trusted by the major Canadian fuel companies, who all contribute to the growing fuel retail data set. Vast amounts of fuel retail data is available through Kalibrate’s Custom Market reports which can be used to: 

  • Understand fuel volumes sold in a specified area. 
  • Provide accurate fuel volumes to support site evaluation 
  • Generate a deep insight of your competitive landscape 

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Daily pump price survey and fuel price data

Canadian pump price survey.

This extensive database of Canadian retail fuel prices allows you to analyze current and historical retail prices, wholesale prices, refiner and marketer margins, taxes, and crude oil prices.  

This data is funded by the Government of Canada and is available to view as online graphs, or to download as an excel file. Get access to: 

  • Daily Pump Price Survey (DPPS) 
  • Pricing analytics, including benchmarking, margins, and timelines 
  • Current price reports 

This data also supports the analysis available from Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) 

Canadian insights

Access insights on the fuel retail market in Canada.

Fuel retail data and analytics

Actionable analytics from Kalibrate Market Intelligence

Kalibrate Market Intelligence is a complete competitor data set, essential for anyone with an interest or investment in fuel retailers in Canada. 

You may know how your sites or network are performing, but how well do you understand your true market position  and where your potential lies  without a view of the competition.  

Kalibrate Market Intelligence provides current and detailed operational awareness and empowers effective responses to changing market dynamics. 

  • Data and analytics that give you clear insight into market dynamics and competitor activity, so you can act and react accordingly 
  • Better data to inform better decisions and support site success, brand performance, and overall profitability 
  • Understand your market position, sitebysite, and at a brand level, to effectively enhance that position 
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Custom market reports

Custom market reports let you analyze specific datapoints from Kalibrate’s unrivalled fuel retail data set. Focus in on the data that reflects your specific needs, including level of granularity, chosen geography, or specific time period. 

These reports provide you with analytics for any specified location within Canada, whether that’s a single gas station or a full municipality. Custom market reports can provide the specific insights you need. 

  • Fuel volumes 
  • Operational fuel retail data 
  • Ancillary services, such as convenience stores and QSRs 
  • Trade area analytics 
  • Spot retail pricing and grade differentials 

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Fuel retail, gas and oil consultancy

Consulting for the Canadian fuel market

Kalibrate’s consultants are experts in the downstream petroleum industry and have a combined, 40+ years of experience working with fuel retailers, suppliers, refiners, and other stakeholders in Canada and beyond. Their knowledge and experience is backed by accurate and insightful data to help you with your most critical issues.

As experts in the Canadian fuel market, Kalibrate provides consultancy services to a variety of customer types, including government agencies, fuel marketers, and suppliers, as well as those focused on alternative fuels.

  • Demand/price forecast and site modelling 
  • Strategic analysis and planning 
  • Regulatory analysis 
  • Fuel market and price analysis 
  • Operations performance bench-marking 
  • Merger and acquisition 
  • Industry education seminars 
Introduction the the downstream petroleum industry seminar

Introduction to the Downstream Petroleum Industry — Seminar

This two-day course has been designed for downstream (refining, transportation, and marketing) sector employees, suppliers, government regulators, industrial fuel buyers, or others interested in gaining a broad understanding of the refining, supply, and marketing of fuel products. The course provides a North American perspective on this industry describing its infrastructure, processes, logistics, regulatory aspects, and future challenges..

Hosted by Vijay Muralidharan, this two day classroom based seminar will enable you to develop a holistic understanding of the entire downstream petroleum industry. This course can be modified by location, length, and content to suit your organization’s specific in-house educational needs.  Please contact us directly with your request.

The next seminar is being held on November 25-26, 2021, in Calgary.

Contact our Canadian team to see how Kalibrate could fuel better decision making for your business.

With a global footprint and a local presence, we know the fuel and convenience landscape in your market.

Whether you want to analyze local and national data, drive customer volume, optimize margin, evaluate and respond to the competition, or perfect internal processes, we can help. We’ll create the right combination of data and technologies to answer the questions you have.

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Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Kalibrate colleagues are working from home.

Meet our team in Canada

  • Suzanne Gray Senior Analyst Kent Group Ltd

    Suzanne Gray

    Senior Analyst

    Suzanne has over 20 years of experience in research and analysis in the petroleum industry. This experience is augmented by a degree in Economics, having graduated with distinction. Suzanne’s work extends across numerous projects in the areas of data reporting, regulatory analysis and performance bench-marking for the retail petroleum and associated industries. She takes a lead role in the preparation of Kalibrate’s annual Retail Site Census for the Canadian Petroleum Industry.

    Her responsibilities encompass a variety of tasks, including leading, planning, and conducting data collection, research, and analysis in an array of projects for a wide range of clients pertaining to the downstream petroleum industry.


    +1 226-270-8964

  • Jeff Butt VP Operations Kent Group Kalibrate

    Jeff Butt

    VP Operations

    Jeff Butt is the Vice President of Operations at Kalibrate Canada.
    Jeff manages all I.T. related services and staff, and internal business operations and processes. Jeff is responsible for the overall technological vision of Kalibrate in Canada and has overseen the implementation of all technological developments. Jeff continues to work towards enhancing the use of technology and improved processes and procedures to better serve our clients by providing information faster while also making it more accessible and effective.

  • Vijay Muralidharan oil and gas consultant

    Vijay Muralidharan

    Senior Consultant

    Vijay has over 16 years of work experience within oil and gas consulting business, upstream and downstream oil and gas companies, and central banking. Vijay has a Master’s in economics and Master of Science in Resource economics from the University of Alberta, Canada. Through these years, he has acquired and evolved extensive knowledge in market fundamentals, strategic planning and forecasting, country risk analysis, economics and investment analysis within the oil and gas industry.

    Vijay’s plays an important role in overseeing our upstream and downstream consulting practice. He specializes in economic modelling, price forecasting, petroleum marketing economics, fuel price and regulatory economics and consulting work related to petroleum product pricing and demand.


    +1 (403) 389-1707

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