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Business-wide efficiencies begin here. Kalibrate is the world's only provider of both precision pricing and network planning software. Leverage market leading data, powered by our cutting edge AI and machine learning, to build robust strategies and roll out rapid tactical changes.

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Devise your strategy. Implement your insights. Monitor and refine. Kalibrate software enables you to streamline your processes, increase efficiency-boosting automation and drive total site profitability.

Your profits depend on intelligent fuel pricing. That depends on up-to-date data. You could spend forever trying to keep up with the market. Or let us do the hard work for you.

Kalibrate gives fuel and convenience retailers from more than 49 countries all the data points they need to price fuel more effectively than the competition.

With Kalibrate Pricing, you can:

  • Price fuel confidently without guesswork
  • Reduce risk in your pricing strategy
  • Sell more fuel at better margins

Discover how we can help you price on point at every pump.

Want to know the outcome before you make your next decision? Only an objective assessment of your current position will reveal the right course of action. Forget second guessing and start thinking two steps ahead.

Make intelligent investments site-by-site with comprehensive market data and patent pending predictive methodologies.

Kalibrate Planning enables you to:

  • See your fuel and retail network with complete clarity
  • Seize opportunities before anyone else
  • Harness predictive power to maximize return

Expand your infrastructure into unclaimed opportunities.

The right moves are open to everyone. It’s just a matter of getting there first. When you know exactly what your competitors are doing, you know what they—and you—are missing.

Enhance your entire offer, from individual sites to brand level, backed by the fuel and convenience world’s leading commercially available market data.

Kalibrate Market Intelligence is your trusted tool to:

  • Analyze complete pricing and volumetric data
  • Determine what will differentiate your offer
  • Preempt the market and make the perfect play now

Actionable competitor intelligence awaits.

The global go-to for fuel and convenience retailers

Kalibrate enterprise software tools help fuel retailers, quick service restaurants, and convenience stores succeed faster. We’re behind better decisions for more than 300 clients in over 70 countries and 100,000 retail outlets. It’s no surprise eight out of the top 10 fuel and convenience retailers in the USA depend on Kalibrate.

  • Advanced predictive modeling
  • Unrivaled data
  • Unparalleled experience

Driving value everywhere

Gut feel only gets you so far. Choosing the wrong planning site can cost up to $3m. A 1% error on fuel pricing could slash $50,000 off this year’s bottom line. Kalibrate’s software helps you to understand consequences before you take action.

  • Save money and be more efficient
  • Cut site evaluation costs by 50%
  • See ROI within one year with Kalibrate Pricing software

Achieve better business outcomes

Process. Optimization. Automation. Kalibrate gives you streamlined, consistent internal systems and technologies with clearly designated roles and responsibilities. And a live paper trail with real time tracking to prove accountability and integrity with ease.

  • Understand and benchmark yourself against the competition
  • Automate repetitive tasks and spend more time on valuable analysis and optimization
  • Enable transparent, intuitive compliance and auditing

Software that shakes up conventional thinking

Instant, accurate market insights for Tri Star Energy

Instant, accurate market insights for Tri Star Energy

“With Kalibrate Planning, we can feel confident knowing that if it's saying we can do something, we will be able to do it. That's how we assess our sites when we're running our ROI analysis”

Eric Stokes

Senior Director of Finance at Tri Star Energy

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