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Kalibrate Location Intelligence capabilities

Kalibrate Location Intelligence: the industry’s gold-standard retail analytics tool

More capabilities than any other location intelligence platform on the market, all backed by the support of our team’s deep domain expertise to help you get the most from Kalibrate

Configurable platform

Our highly configurable location analytics software works with your existing processes and allows you to analyze your market to get the full picture of your portfolio and your competition

Best of breed modeling capabilities

Use our advanced models to get more reliable sales forecasts than ever before and a better-targeted customer acquisition strategy

Sales forecasting

Understand which locations represent the best potential, which need further evaluation, and which should be avoided — and why

A single point of truth

All your internal data, plus relevant third-party data, at your fingertips for easy use and collaboration across your team or whole organization

Mobile application

Collaborate easily with your team in the field and executives on the go with our dedicated mobile application

Advanced reporting

Quickly and easily pull together all the key retail location data analytics and insights into a real estate package ready for your committee review

Industry expertise

Many of our team members previously held roles making location-based decisions across a range of industries — we understand the challenges in your market

Long-lasting relationships

We’re proud to help our clients realize their growth ambitions — very often, in partnerships that have spanned decades

Location analytics backed by advanced data science

Our location intelligence software combines your data, relevant third-party data, plus our gold-standard proprietary modeling approaches, to create insight that helps you realize the potential of your brand’s real estate strategy.

  • Assess your existing portfolio
  • Conduct whitespace analysis to power your location strategy
  • Identify new locations based on sales potential
  • Create sales forecasts

Speak to a member of our team see how Kalibrate Location Intelligence can remove the guesswork and provide confidence when identifying location-based opportunities and growing your brand.

Large retail shopping location

Grow in new and existing markets

If expanding your brand by opening new locations is a key goal, Kalibrate Location Intelligence answers your critical questions while providing certainty when assessing where to invest.

We work with businesses globally to help them understand where they should be focusing their real estate activities.

  • Identify and visualize your whitespace potential and where your opportunities exist with our advanced mapping capabilities
  • Create your own sales forecasts with full analytical intervention capabilities, including trade area editing, site characteristics adjustments, transfer analysis, and peer site analysis
  • Gain deep insight into your competition, omnichannel impacts, potential cannibalization, and much more.

From retail to restaurant chains, grocers to healthcare providers, Our location intelligence tools help brands get ahead of their competitors to realize their growth ambitions.


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See how Kalibrate Location Intelligence could help you make better decisions.

Ourside retail store

Optimize your stores and your portfolio

With changing consumer behavior affecting how customers interact with your brand, it’s critical that your locations are optimized for your markets.

Repositioning your store portfolio is daunting — especially if you don’t have the right data or modeling to support your decision-making. We help you address the key challenges.

  • Rightsize your portfolio: strategically manage lease expirations, model cannibalization, evaluate freestanding and off-mall footprints, analyze potential dispositions, and much more
  • Understand the halo effect relationship between brick-and-mortar and e-commerce channels to master your omnichannel approach
  • Identify the best formats for each location and market to maximize operational efficiency and profitability

A store portfolio should be your greatest asset – but if it’s not right for the needs of your customers, it could be holding back your brand. We take the guesswork out of optimization decisions by telling you which consumers, competitors, and site characteristics have the biggest impact on a location’s performance, enabling you to make the right decision

Understand customer behavior better than ever before

While most businesses hold vast amounts of data on their customers, turning that into actionable insight can be challenging. In addition, there are numerous third-party datasets that can help you pinpoint exactly where your next customers are.

Whether you’re looking to gain new customers or deepen your relationship with existing ones, we help you focus your marketing activities on the segments who drive your business forward.

  • Utilize advanced demographic and psychographic characteristics to create accurate profiles of your best customers
  • Find who you should be targeting for customer acquisition and the most effective channels to reach them
  • Segment your customer base and learn how they prefer to interact with your brand to increase retention and reactivation
  • Understand where customer traffic comes from, and when

We know changing consumer behavior can create uncertainty. Kalibrate equips decision-makers with the marketing intelligence tool they need to reach their customers and maximize the performance of both brick and mortar and e-commerce channels.

Foot traffic data with Competitive Insights

Competitive insights is our mobility-based analytics module that gives you complete visibility across customer behavior, your locations, and the competition.

  • Real-time on-demand benchmark analysis to see how your stores are performing compared to competitor locations or portfolios
  • Identify the number of customers shopping between your locations and your competition on a by-site or by-brand level
  • Understand the demographic profile of your customers and your competitors’ customers

Through an extensive library of geofences across the US and Canada and our expertise in analytics, Competitive Insights helps to answer your most critical location and competition-based questions.


Don’t settle for less than the industry’s leading location intelligence software

  • All your data, plus the most relevant third-party data sets, in one centralized platform
  • Identify whitespace potential and forecast sales to find the best opportunities and get ahead of your competition
  • Advanced modeling capabilities to help you understand the impact of new stores on your existing portfolio and much more
  • Extensive support from our team to help you get maximum value from Kalibrate Location Intelligence

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Frequently asked questions

  • Kalibrate provides clients with a dedicated customer success manager that will engage with you during implementation and beyond. Your dedicated customer success manager will get to know your business and work with you to make sure you’re getting the most from the platform/software. They’ll also keep users up to speed on new features, product updates, and new data offerings; they’ll also be your key contact managing any support tickets or configuration requests you need.

    Your customer success manager and our support team works closely together to ensure that you realize the full value of our relationship.


  • Kalibrate Location Intelligence allows users to view/edit/add data related to your locations and your competition, create trade areas, run demographic and competitor reports, and execute sales forecasts using models that are developed and integrated for your use.

    In addition, users can visualize thematic maps, view and report on customer loyalty data, and view and report on mobile data that illustrates where people live and work that interact with locations. The platform also supports bulk demographic reporting and bulk mapping.


  • Yes, Kalibrate Location Intelligence is available as a fully native iOS and Android application. The mobile app gives users the same access to data and reporting as the desktop version, but in an interface that is designed to be touch friendly.

    The app is designed to give you access to data while in the field and serves as an excellent tool for editing and capturing data such as competitor data. In addition, it allows for users to take pictures, create notes, and create driving directions.

  • Kalibrate Location Intelligence supports three methods of importing data:

    1. Database synchronization: this method allows for bi-directional automated data transfer between a database server located behind your firewall and the Kalibrate data center. As you make a change in one system, the data automatically populates in the other allowing you to create a single version of the truth and does not require any custom programming.
    2. SFTP file exchange: data can be uploaded to our SFTP server for automated importing into the platform. This exchange can be scheduled and fully automated.
    3. End user drag and drop: Microsoft Excel data can be dragged and dropped onto the map. As part of this process, the data can be automatically geocoded. Once the data is on the map it can be shared with other people within your organization.
  • The pricing of Kalibrate Location Intelligence is driven by two factors: the amount of third-party data you want to integrate and the number of licences you need. The license pricing is determined by the number of team members you intend to have using the platform. Additionally, the extent and complexity of the third-party data you want to integrate also influences the pricing.

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