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Fuel and convenience retail moves quickly. You should too. Data and science should complement human expertise, to create robust strategies that deliver real-time results.

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Empowering effective decisions in fuel and convenience retail

The Kalibrate Decision Suite answers the questions fuel and convenience retailers ask. We provide business intelligence, from tactical, granular responses, to long term, strategic insights.

Fuel pricing

Sell more fuel, at a better margin, with lower cost, and reduced risk. Put AI and machine learning to work to dynamically evolve your pricing strategy.

Location planning

Plan new sites and maximize their potential. Understand consumer behavior, demographic characteristics, traffic and competitor activity in possible locations. Understand where and how to build your new site. Save time and money.

Network transformation

Transform your network by understanding which actions will deliver quantifiable outcomes and maximum ROI. Open, close, buy, sell and upgrade with precision.

Data intelligence

From raw data to curated insights, use business intelligence that delivers competitive advantage in your market development strategy.

Gain a deep understanding of your unique market position and value proposition, and transform your network strategy.

Evaluating your sites in the context of the competition empowers you to take decisive action, and react rapidly to competitive changes and market opportunities.

Fueling decision making with robust location planning data, fuel pricing insight, and retail analytics enables you to:

  • Stay one step ahead of the competition
  • Keep pace with market volatility
  • Compete in a changing market

Let process automation take the operational strain, so you can act and react within your market. Free up your people to take informed, decisive action, based on powerful market intelligence.

Your individual sites, and your network as a whole, depend on it.

Generate optimal prices to deliver maximum margin for your volume target, by understanding contributing factors at a granular level.

With a consistent, data-driven approach, you can optimize performance at a micro and macro level.

  • Use the right data at the right time to inform your pricing decisions
  • Understand your pricing power based on your individual site characteristics
  • Understand the impact of possible changes to your site, to drive it to its full potential
  • Forecast and analyze the impact of change, and act accordingly

With a scientific approach, you can balance margin and volume goals at specific sites, and across your network, to deliver the most for you.

Improved performance is achieved by identifying and addressing opportunities. Fine tune operations to get the most out of your people and their skills.

Free up your team to spend their time where it’s most valuable by creating consistent, accessible systems and processes, built on intuitive data and technologies that:

  • Standardize, rationalize, and automate as much of your location planning and fuel pricing process as possible
  • Minimize manual pricing, tracking changes automatically and centrally
  • Maintain fuel pricing compliance and make auditing straightforward

When your people are empowered and accountable, and your operations run smoothly, your decisions can be actioned at speed.

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