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We deliver consulting engagements to address a variety of business challenges. Our services are completely bespoke and provide all the power of our platform, modeling, and analytical capabilities without the need to adopt software. Here, we give a sample of engagements we’ve worked on recently.

Kalibrate retail consulting for business growth

Forecasting sales potential at retail locations

Whether you’re growing your brand or optimizing your portfolio, understanding locations’ sales potential is vital to avoid costly missteps and maximize performance. Here’s how the engagement typically works:

  • We work with you to collate your data and recommend powerful third-party data sets to enrich your insight pool
  • Bespoke forecast models consider your unique customer profile, trade areas, competitors, and situational impacts
  • Gain complete visibility on how factors impact results and our expert support in translating insight into action

Our consultants deliver hundreds of forecast models annually and our methodology is the most robust and trusted on the market, providing confidence that your site selection process is driven by high-quality insight.

Private equity growth consulting

Empowering private equity decision-making

Investing in retail businesses with confidence means having faith in what your data is telling you. For private equity firms, we conduct detailed whitespace analysis to understand the market potential of companies in their portfolio.

  • Kalibrate leverages internal sales alongside third-party demographics and mobility data to build a robust customer profile
  • With complete visibility of the company’s customer profile and trade areas, you can start to quantify the scale of the opportunity
  • Recommendations from our retail consultants can answer questions on optimum store count, location, and which markets to prioritize next

We deliver consultancy engagements for private equity firms making investments across a range of industries, helping you maximize the potential of your portfolio companies and deliver value for your clients,

Kalibrate fuel retail consulting for business growth

Pump to in-store spend in fuel retail

Quantifying the relationship between fuel pricing strategies and c-store spending is a challenge faced by many gas station operators. We are engaged by fuel retailers to help them understand the extent to which reducing fuel prices could drive additional revenue in-store.

  • Fuel price changes are tracked alongside c-store revenue
  • Kalibrate builds a model to estimate pricing’s impact on total site revenue change
  • Model application allows retailers to understand whether portfolio-wide or site-by-site pricing changes can drive additional c-store revenue

For fuel retailers looking to maximize profits at the pump or in-store or simply understand the volume potential of new sites, we develop customized consultancy engagements to give confidence to your decisions.

Kalibrate retail consulting for business growth

Tracking ROI from billboard advertisements

When seeking to leverage location data to understand marketing ROI, conventional approaches focus on the home and a customer’s patronage of a particular retail site. But understanding trip patterns can be equally powerful, particularly when assessing a concept that relies on traveling behavior or locations that are proximate to traveling activity nodes like hotels.

  • Kalbirate utilizes mobility data to track trip patterns and the percentage of visitors that pass a billboard ad before visiting the retail location
  • Insight provides retailers with an understanding of how billboards serve local and transient audiences
  • The output empowers decision-making across marketing ROI, the impact of adding and removing boards, and the impact of different creatives

Marketers can gain a wealth of ROI insight by utilizing mobility data to track how campaigns and tactical activity drives foot traffic. This billboard engagement is just one example of how Kalibrate helps our clients prioritize marketing spend for maximum impact.

Kalibrate EV strategy consulting

Prioritizing EV charger roll-out

The growth of electric vehicles means consumers are ‘refueling’ in a far more diverse range of locations. For retailers, this represents an opportunity to attract drivers to their sites — but only if they know where and when to act.

  • Kalibrate collates datasets to understand EV customer profile, adoption levels, the feasibility of adding chargers, and existing charging infrastructure
  • Model is created with our understanding of how different customer, location, and competitive impacts contribute to potential demand
  • Location ranking is created to allow retailers to prioritize locations for charger roll-out and build a roadmap deployment over their entire portfolio in the years ahead

We’ve delivered EV ranking engagements for gas station operators, convenience stores, and grocery chains. They’re using this insight to take place the right chargers, in the right locations, at the right time, to maximize the return on their investment.

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