Forecast studies: understanding potential performance

Kalibrate conducts an in-depth evaluation of factors including trade area definition, customer profile, existing and comparable store performance, and site characteristics to create forecast studies that help organizations truly understand a location’s potential performance.

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Quantifying potential sales to identify the best opportunities

Kalibrate generates a forecast for a proposed location using a combination of the forecasting models and ad-hoc analysis, and conducts an in-office or field audit of the applicable forecast

  • Modeled trade area for a proposed location
  • Benchmarks using the actual performance of existing locations in comparable situations
  • Competitive, situational, and demographic characteristics

We conduct forecast studies for retail concepts spanning fuel, convenience, restaurant, apparel, service retail, and much more. Whatever your industry, we can help you understand you make your next site decision the right one.

Start your journey to reliable forecast studies

Whether it be through in-house or fielded forecast studies, Kalibrate can develop in-depth analysis to help you validate potential site locations

  • Custom and off-the-shelf models, built with our domain expertise on the factors contributing to success
  • Identify the best locations based on robust analysis of potential performance
  • Extensive experience from the Kalibrate team to support you throughout the process

We can deliver forecast studies via our software platforms or we can operate as your outsourced research team, conducting studies on your behalf.

How do I get started?

Complete the form and a member of our team will reach out. After a discussion of your requirements and what you’re looking to achieve, we’ll work closely with your team to get you up and running with the most appropriate solution for your needs.