Fast, intelligent, agile fuel pricing across your entire network

Kalibrate Fuel Pricing is the pricing software tool used by fuel retailers in over 40 countries to set agile price strategies, balance volume and margin and maximize fuel profits.

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Delve deeper into the different features of Kalibrate Fuel Pricing and see the software in action to discover how it’s patented methods and flexible features will help your fuel retail organization. 

Why Kalibrate Fuel Pricing?

600k +

fuel prices sent from our systems every day


Data science patent issued and 7 pending


average increase per site per week with optimization


average volume increase after a 12 week test

The flexible fuel price software that achieves your volume and margin targets

Kalibrate Fuel Pricing has more functionality than any other gas and fuel pricing software system, giving you the right data at the right time. Its flexible solutions are enabling fuel retailers in over 40 countries to set competitive growth strategies.

Flexible strategy setting

With 120+ rules to choose from, Kalibrate Fuel Pricing enables you the flexibility to build the ideal pricing strategy that fits your organization

POS system integration

Prices are sent to sites instantly with direct integration with the leading POS system suppliers. Maximize your return with instant actions

AI fuel price optimization

Patented data science methods contribute to a unique approach that deliver greater results against your volume and margin targets— while allowing full visibility of the outcomes and allowing your team to learn from AI

Auto implementation 80/20

Save a huge amount of time by automating 80% of fuel price decisions that are repeatable and predictable, so you can spend time on the 20% of fuel prices that require human input

Multi-site pricing

Price multiple, disparate sites, from one central system. Increase pricing efficiency across your entire network with the ability to view, amend or apply prices for multiple sites at once

Customizable workspaces

Create one view of all the metrics that matter to you with fully customizable workspaces and countless metrics and report options

Industry expertise

Many of our team members previously held roles making fuel pricing decisions for large networks, so we understand the challenges in your market

Long-lasting relationships

We’re proud to help our clients realize their growth ambitions – very often, in partnerships that have spanned decades

Fuel pricing software data and consiulting

Rules-based fuel pricing

Kalibrate Fuel Pricing enables you to price the way you want to – confidently and without guesswork. Use Kalibrate’s fuel pricing software to manage fuel prices by exception, reduce manual analysis and give your team more time to focus on strategic decision-making. 

Define your boundaries, optimize within them, and redirect valuable human resources to spend time only on the exceptions. 

  • Optimize your prices through patented machine learning and AI, or with our extensive rules library 
  • Dynamically evolve your pricing strategy across all market types 
  • Master market volatility with AI-powered precision pricing, and respond rapidly to market events and competitor changes 
Fuel pricing AI and data science

Cutting-edge AI and data science

Combine sophisticated data treatment with patented modeling and intelligent optimization, to maximize your fuel profitability and meet volume and margin targets.  

Apply proven scientific methodologies automatically, to: 

  • Generate optimal fuel prices for each site 
  • Discover your site and brand sensitivities 
  • Infer missing prices, even in the most volatile markets 
  • Create and overlay day-part demand segmentation 
  • Continually monitor the health of your data and models 
Fuel pricing system

Increase efficiency to boost profitability

In the current climate, it’s critical to avoid wasting time and money on inefficient manual fuel pricing processes. With checks and validations you can depend on, prices can be sent to pumps with speed. Instant price implementation will help maximize your fuel return.

  • Speed up your internal processes to make more time for human analysis
  • Change pump prices rapidly — capitalizing on opportunities
  • React to market changes before your competition to increase market share

Profitability improved by 4%

Preem Swedish fuel provider improves profitability

Preem Swedish fuel provider improves profitability

“Preem, the largest refiner of crude oil in the Nordic region, needed to execute fuel price changes with the highest degree of efficiency possible. How could they improve?”

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Ready to learn more?

Book a demo of Kalibrate Fuel Pricing to see the features in action, or take advantage of a test drive to get to grips with the software yourself.

Our expert team will ask about your short and long-term objectives and can show you how the tool can assist in achieving them. Drawing on experience, they can benchmark your pricing operations against best practice by carrying out diagnostic exercises, and then present the findings back to you.

A personalized demo or test drive will demonstrate how you can:

  • Streamline your operational efficiencies
  • Gain control over compliance
  • Confidently make better pricing decisions
  • Maximize your profit

Frequently asked questions

  • To thrive in today’s fuel market, you need to be agile. This helps you keep pace with competitors’ prices and wider market events, and it enables you to capitalize on money-making opportunities when they arise.

    But you can’t do this alone. In fact, relying solely on human resources to make manual pricing decisions is inefficient and costly. The artificial intelligence built into Kalibrate Fuel Pricing empowers you to manage pricing across multiple locations, even from a small, central team.

    You need the right software to give you the right insights at the right times, and that’s exactly what Kalibrate Fuel Pricing does – highlighting opportunities to lift your bottom line, support other areas of your business, and increase your profitability.

  • Kalibrate Fuel Pricing has a proven track record of increasing profitability for fuel retailers. A full trial will demonstrate the return on investment that Kalibrate’s recognized AI will generate.

    After engaging with our team, we will research your company’s pricing capabilities and identify areas where improvements can be made, at the right stage in our mutual interactions.

    Within a week of initial research, we will apply our extensive understanding of industry best practices to produce a detailed report for you, laying out the possible enhancements and how to go about making them.

    Alternatively, you can use this quick and easy calculator to instantly see the cost benefits of switching to Kalibrate Fuel Pricing’s automation system.

  • Across varying markets, sizes and countries, we have installed more than 120 instances of Kalibrate Pricing, and there are multiple ways to determine whether this fuel pricing system is right for you.

    We can share the outcomes of comparable successful trials that we have completed in the past, to mitigate the need for you to dedicate time and resources to trialing a new system.

    We can set up a half day workshop with one of our experienced team members and 1 week test drive of the system so that you and your team can ensure that Kalibrate Fuel Pricing works with your processes and meets your criteria.

    For organizations that require further proof, a full 12 week trial can be held with live pricing to effectively measure improvement against your existing fuel pricing processes.

  • We have fuel retail clients in over 40 countries who send 600,000 prices a day to over 65,000 sites. Our largest integration to date covered 6,500 sites.

    Many of our clients have relied on the platform for three years or more and we can arrange for you to talk to some of them, ahead of moving forward with your project.

  • Yes. Kalibrate Fuel Pricing has more functional depth than any other pricing product on the market, which facilitates extremely flexible pricing profiles to form the tactics to deliver your pricing goals. And because it’s under-pinned by cutting-edge science and deep market expertise we can work with you to help you develop your optimal pricing strategy.

  • Mathematical optimization is an excellent tool in your pricing armory and can be used to gain additional profitability across margin and volume for large segments of your network. 

    However, not all sites are suitable for optimization, it isn’t a “one size fits all solution”. Perhaps there is limited competitor data for a site (our patent pending data enrichment process can help here) or not enough variability of pricing in the market to infer a price scientifically. Where we can’t help you to scientifically optimize prices, you can use our extensive rules based library to derive optimal (rather than optimized) prices. 

     This Fuel Price Optimization 101 whitepaper will help you to understand more about fuel price optimization and how to select the right sites. 

  • AI works by combining large amounts of data with fast, iterative processing and intelligent algorithms, allowing the “machine” to learn and adjust automatically to perform human like tasks.

    The machine learning and AI in Kalibrate Fuel Pricing means you benefit from smart inference of missing data, price sensitivity creation, and demand forecasts including demand period detection. It also automates model build and learning, and gives you feedback on data readiness and model health. The models in Kalibrate Fuel Pricing have been tried and tested in fuel retail pricing, and can help you measure customer reaction to price and provide market ready price recommendations. And as back up if optimization isn’t suitable, it has rules-based back up strategies.