Fuel price optimization 101

This whitepaper explains all the basic principles and concepts of AI and data science and it's application in fuel pricing. 
Fuel price optimization 101 AI and data science explained

Fuel price optimization 101

There’s much myth and mystery surrounding fuel price optimization. Often thought of as a “dark art” or “black box” many Fuel Pricing Managers are under the impression that price optimization is a complex solution that will generate new and unexpected prices for your products at whichever price position it decides for you — leading many to distrust the process.

This misconception is understandable, but the truth is that price optimization is not a dark art. It’s an AI and science driven process that produces a subtle change in strategy that should remain predictable to your loyal customers, and undetectable to your competitors.

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  • The basic principles of using AI in fuel price optimization
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  • How to create a business case
  • Common challenges, competitor reactions, and limits and controls
  • What a sustainable conclusion looks like