Third-party data suppliers to enrich your insight

Kalibrate partners with leading data suppliers to ensure our clients have access to the most relevant and powerful insight on the market so they can make the appropriate location-based decisions

Location data suppliers

Data categories

Location intelligence data and consumer analytics in the banking sector


An essential element in creating a robust customer profile, demographic data adds greater depth to retailers’ insight around who is visiting your locations.


Helping retailers understand where people came from, how long they stay, and where they go next – and completely anonymized – mobility data is a vital tool for retailers looking to implement location data.

Third party data suppliers


The personalities, lifestyles, interests, values, and beliefs of consumers all play a part in their likelihood to become a customer.

Third party data suppliers

Point of interest

With so many competitors and co-tenants impacting retail performance, quality point of interest data gives you a more complete picture of your market.

Third party data suppliers

Spending and financial

Tracking consumer spend across households or by product or service categories provides decision-makers with a wealth of powerful insight to inform strategy.

Third party data suppliers


Social platforms bring people together – and data around how people interact on social platforms and where they’re posting from can be leveraged by real estate teams.

Third party data suppliers

Consumer insight

Collating information on the behaviors, trends, and motivations of specific groups of people, consumer insights help you know your customer better than ever.

Third party data suppliers


For retailers assessing locations and looking to understand the risks associated with a geographic area, crime data provides insight to support decision-making.

From data to insight: Kalibrate Location Intelligence

Our location intelligence platform is used by some of the world’s leading retail brands to understand their customers, locations, and competition.

Highly configurable and with more capabilities than any other platform on the market, Kalibrate Location Intelligence is backed by the support of our team’s deep domain expertise to help you gain maximum value from our library of location data providers.