Fast, intelligent, agile fuel pricing across your entire network

Sell more fuel, at better margin, with lower costs, and reduced risk. Kalibrate Pricing optimizes pricing efficiency and maximizes profit for diverse retailers across more than 49 countries. Make better pricing decisions, faster.

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The platform that delivers real competitive advantage

Kalibrate Pricing has more functional depth than any other fuel pricing product, helping you meet your objectives and drive your business forward. Discover more about this transformative platform.

Fuel retail data and analytics

Scientific optimization or rules-based pricing

Price the way you want to – confidently and without guesswork. Manage fuel pricing by exception, to reduce manual analysis and give your team more time to focus on strategic decision making.

Define your boundaries, optimize within them, and redirect valuable human resource to spend time only on the exceptions.

  • Optimize your prices through machine learning and AI, or with our extensive rules library
  • Dynamically evolve your pricing strategy across all market types
  • Master market volatility with AI-powered precision pricing, and respond rapidly to market events and competitor changes

Cutting-edge science

Combine sophisticated data treatment with modeling and intelligent optimization, to maximize profitability and meet volume targets. Make optimal pricing decisions through machine learning and AI, or via rule-based pricing.

Apply advanced scientific methodologies automatically, to:

  • Discover your site and brand sensitivities
  • Infer missing prices, even in the most volatile markets
  • Create and overlay day-part demand segmentation
  • Continually monitor the health of your data and models

Analytics and data integration

Monitor and evaluate your pricing strategies with comprehensive reports and direct access to all your fuel pricing data. Combine this data with your other datasets to create valuable insights, both inside and outside your pricing function.

  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis tools
  • Real-time, data-driven insights
  • End-to-end visibility
  • Complete access to your data for integration into your data warehouse

Point-of-Sale integration

Execute your pricing strategies, flawlessly. Automatically send new pricing decisions to your POS and digital signage in seconds.

  • Easily integrate with your point of sale (POS) and digital-signage solutions
  • Minimize the time between centralized pricing decisions and display on-sign
  • Achieve maximum speed-to-value and retain your competitive edge

Hear what clients say about Kalibrate Pricing

Preem Swedish fuel provider improves profitability

Preem Swedish fuel provider improves profitability

“Preem, the largest refiner of crude oil in the Nordic region, needed to execute fuel price changes with the highest degree of efficiency possible. How could they improve?”

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Much more than just a pricing platform

Kalibrate Pricing informs strategic pricing decisions that maximize profitability, while keeping you competitive. It unlocks advantage through better decision making.

Long trusted, extensively deployed

Since our first major client implementation in 1996, Kalibrate Pricing has been deployed in more than 49 countries, across 86 clients, managing over 90,000 retail outlets.

There's an app for that

The Kalibrate Mobile app makes it easy to report competitor prices from the field, and for analysts to quickly review sites and set prices on the go.

Centralized tracking, expansive implementation

Track changes automatically and centrally, while executing expansively. Our largest implementation to date covers 6,500 sites.

Eliminate room for human error

Use data to challenge and validate decisions before they're made. Test your strategy before implementation and eliminate risk.

You make the rules, we make it easy

Automate decision making and processes according to your own rules, through our highly configurable UI. Make sure they're compliant using the rule library, which includes every global pricing rule.

Use our expertise to your advantage

Kalibrate's products and services incorporate years of industry knowledge from our multi-disciplinary teams.

Innovation never stops

We're always improving our ML and AI capabilities by continually innovating. We have more than five patent pending algorithmic processes, with new ones being developed every day. Cutting-edge science ensures that we, and you, are always ahead of the game.

More haste, and more speed

Diligence, focus, accuracy, and transparency are at the center of Kalibrate Pricing’s model build process and price generation process, without sacrificing speed to deliver on these. From taking seconds to generate a price, to a few minutes to build a predictive model, you can be sure that you are always maximizing value from your prices.

Frequently asked questions

  • To thrive in today’s fuel market, you need to be agile. This helps you keep pace with competitors’ prices and wider market events, and it enables you to capitalize on money-making opportunities when they arise.

    But you can’t do this alone. In fact, relying solely on human resource to make manual pricing decisions is inefficient and costly. The artificial intelligence built into Kalibrate Pricing empowers you to manage pricing across multiple locations, even from a small, central team.

    You need the right software to give you the right insights at the right times, and that’s exactly what Kalibrate Pricing does – highlighting opportunities to lift your bottom line, support other areas of your business, and increase your profitability.

  • Kalibrate Discovery is an engagement process that researches your company’s pricing capabilities and identifies areas where improvements can be made, at the right stage in our mutual interactions.

    Within a week of initial research, we will apply our extensive understanding of industry best practices to produce a detailed report for you, laying out all of the possible enhancements and how to go about making them.

  • Across varying markets, sizes and countries, we have installed more than 120 instances of Kalibrate Pricing.

    During the engagement process we will share with you the outcomes of comparable successful trials that we have completed in the past, to mitigate the need for you to dedicate time and resources to double running systems.

    We also have over 80 clients who have been using the platform for three years or more and we can arrange for you to talk to some of them, ahead of moving forward with your project.

  • Kalibrate Pricing has more functional depth than any other pricing product on the market, which facilitates extremely flexible pricing profiles to form the tactics which deliver upon your pricing goals. And because it’s under-pinned by cutting-edge science and deep market expertise we can work with you to help you develop your optimal pricing strategy.

  • Mathematical optimization is an excellent tool in your pricing armory and can be used to gain additional profitability across margin and volume for large segments of your network.

    However, not all sites are suitable for optimization, it isn’t a “one size fits all solution”. Perhaps there is limited competitor data for a site (our patent pending data enrichment process can help here) or not enough variability of pricing in the market to infer a price scientifically. Where we can’t help you to scientifically optimize prices, you can use our extensive rules based library to derive optimal (rather than optimized) prices.

  • AI works by combining large amounts of data with fast, iterative processing and intelligent algorithms, allowing the “machine” to learn and adjust automatically to perform human like tasks.

    The machine learning and AI in Kalibrate Pricing means you benefit from smart inference of missing data, sensitivity creation, demand forecasts including demand period detection . It also automates model build and learning, and gives you feedback on data readiness and model health. The models in Kalibrate Pricing have been tried and tested in fuel retail pricing, and can help you measure customer reaction to price and provide market ready price recommendations. And as back up if optimization isn’t suitable, it has rules-based back up strategies.

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