Compelling competitor intelligence

Competitor performance adds critical context. You can’t truly understand your market position—and where your potential lies—without comparison.

Stay a step ahead of the competition

Kalibrate Market Intelligence gives you current, operational awareness to inform strategic decision making and empower you to respond effectively to changing market dynamics.

Our powerful business intelligence platform creates clarity around competitor activity, so you can act and react accordingly, including:

  • Robust, accurate, current, and complete volumetric and pricing data for the Canadian market
  • Analytics to explore and interact with that data, create visualizations, and draw conclusions
  • The ability to understand market trends and empower your decision making

Data-based business intelligence, intelligent brand building

Fuel and convenience retailers should understand what makes their offer unique, to stand out, grow volume or increase market share, and maximize margins. By examining the strengths, weaknesses, and actions of competitors, you build a stronger brand and a more resilient business. High quality inputs are critical to drive highly valuable outcomes.

  • Inform better decisions with powerful business intelligence
  • Support site success, brand performance, and overall profitability
  • Assess your market position at brand level and site by site to enhance your proposition

Consistently trusted across Canada

Kalibrate Market Intelligence is employed by most of the major players in Canada, including national and regional fuel marketers, independent retailers, industry associations, and governmental organizations.

They use our services to:

  • Build brand value through marketer performance insights to benchmark performance and determine areas of opportunity
  • Carry out trend and variance analysis, at site and market level, to identify opportunities for growth, investment, and divestment
  • Make new site development decisions based on overall market opportunities

More possibilities for profit

This is only the beginning. With Kalibrate Market Intelligence, fuel and convenience retailers can interrogate the data and expand their knowledge to reveal a wealth of untapped potential.

  • Draw macro-level throughput and market efficiency comparisons by marketer and brand to determine performance trends and opportunities for growth
  • Undertake marketing post-promotion analysis to determine impact on volume performance and opportunities
  • Use price differential analysis to determine where you stand relative to the competition

Going beyond data for genuine business intelligence

Add value to your business with Kalibrate Market Intelligence. Inform your decision making, set accurate strategies for success, and continually optimize your approach.

Complete competitor information

Paint a clearer picture with competitor information at site, market, and regional levels.

Deeper market insight

Understand and analyze throughput and Market Efficiency Ratios (MERs), by marketer and by brand.

Quality in, quality out

Volume data is taken from the pumps, so it’s completely accurate and verifiable.

On the ground, no guesswork

Kalibrate Market Intelligence data and analytics is based on site visits to approximately 7,000 retail fuels/convenience outlets in over 370 markets across Canada.

Current and comprehensive

All Kalibrate Market Intelligence market sites are visited quarterly, with many larger metropolitan markets visited monthly.

Answering the questions you ask

“Push-button” drill-down analytics quickly define the parameters that are relevant to your questions.

Start your journey to more informed decisions today

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