A world without guesswork

Better decisions require better data. That’s where Kalibrate comes in. Stick to facts. Forget guesswork. Act decisively. Backed by all the intelligent insight your organization needs, from the world’s most accurate and comprehensive datasets.

What makes our data so powerful?

Not all data is created equal. Here are some of the reasons our data products are the most respected and sought after in the world.


With patented data science methods and over 60% proprietary data. You cannot access these datasets or proven approaches anywhere else.


We ensure all our data gives you the most accurate local, regional, and national view available.

Future proof

A team of Data Scientists are dedicated to finding innovative data solutions to everyday challenges. Their patent portfolio proves their commitment to future proofed data science.


Always up-to-date. Stay ahead of the game with detailed annual refreshes of over 150,000 locations.


Access the verified data, collated from multiple trusted sources, that governments and Global Fortune 100 companies trust.


With over one million locations worldwide, you can be sure you’re seeing the most comprehensive coverage available.

Historical trending

Get a historic perspective. With Kalibrate, you can trace trends going back decades.

Single Site Analysis gas station

Reveal the potential of your gas station

A great location is the linchpin of a thriving gas station, but it’s not the only element that drives success. Identify opportunities, increase profitability, and mitigate risk with a full gas station analysis.

Kalibrate’s Fuel Site Analysis provides:

  • Accurate, unbiased fuel and convenience store volume projections
  • Multiple “what if” scenarios to define the most lucrative strategy
  • A full analysis of your market, competition, and customers

Validate your gut feel decisions with scientific data, so you can confidently make crucial decisions to secure return on investment.

AADT Traffic Count

Understand traffic flow, not just traffic presence

What happens on the roads will decide your next course of action. Plot a course to success with the world’s most granular commercially available traffic data set.

Kalibrate TrafficMetrix® gives you the confidence to:

  • Make better strategic decisions
  • Determine location-critical business decisions with confidence
  • Sharpen forecasting through AI and machine learning

You won’t find a more detailed or comprehensive traffic data set anywhere else.

Kalibrate Fuel Market Data

Master the market

Out perform the competition by knowing it inside out —from individual fuel retail site to brand and marketer level detail.

Kalibrate Fuel Market Data gives you site specific data on over one million locations worldwide, enabling you to:

  • Spot the gaps in the market
  • Anticipate market changes
  • Make the right decisions before anyone else

Every insight gives you the edge over your competitors.

Canada KMI Kent Group Kalibrate Market Intelligence

Get ahead of the competition

Detailed competitor performance from Kalibrate Market Intelligence will inform your strategic fuel retail decision-making and enable you to rapidly respond to changing market dynamics.

  • Accurate, and complete volume and price data for major players in the Canadian fuel market
  • Analytics to explore and interact with the data and create visualizations to enhance your insight
  • The ability to understand market trends on a national, regional, and local basis to drive better fuel retail strategies

This granular business intelligence data provides clarity around competitor activity, so you can act and react accordingly.

Data for every decision

Get the right insight at the right time and eliminate the guesswork from every decision. Organizations across retail, fuel, convenience, grocery, hospitality, real estate — and more —all use Kalibrate to enhance decision-making at every level. With our data, you can:

Understand the market

Understand traffic, consumer demographic, and movement data around your locations to get granular customer insight that drives customer-centric strategies.

Simulate your next strategy

Use patent-pending modeling strategies to forecast the impact of site changes before you invest time or resources. Always be confident you’re making the best decision.

Plan infrastructure

EV planning, out of home, real estate development, cycle lanes, telephone masts… The list goes on. Kalibrate helps both businesses and governments determine the optimal placement of infrastructure.

Beat the competition

Use unrivalled data to track market share to benchmark your business against the competition. Identify their strengths and weaknesses, and adapt your strategy to take the lead.

data and insights for retail, restaurant, fuel, convenience, healthcare, grocery

Something for every organization

We have datasets for every requirement. Our data helps a diverse range of organizations make better decisions, including:

  • Retail, restaurants, and hospitality
  • Fuel, convenience, and QSR
  • Grocery stores, hotels, healthcare
  • Real estate, out of home, and private equity
  • Consulting firms and retail analytics software providers

Start your journey to more informed decisions today

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