Kalibrate partners with Wejo to provide unbeatable traffic insight for the US

On February 1, 2022, Kalibrate, the technology company whose software platform provides microlocal insight so organizations can make business-critical decisions with confidence, has today announced a new partnership with wejo, the autonomous, electric, and connected vehicle data specialists.

The partnership will bolster Kalibrate’s US data capabilities by adding wejo’s vast connected car data set into its existing TraficMetrix® product to provide huge benefits to its end users. The new TrafficMetrix® proposition will provide US Data Analysts with comprehensive understanding of traffic flow — instead of just traffic presence.

Commenting on the partnership, Oliver Shaw, Kalibrate’s CEO said.

“We are delighted to partner with wejo to further strengthen our TrafficMetrix® data. Both businesses are renowned for their strength in data collection and analysis and by coming together we can leverage our strengths and bring something truly beneficial to the world of traffic data analysis.


The addition of connected car data allows us to provide the same level of consistency in our traffic data — but with an added depth of granularity. We can now offer a complete and comprehensive traffic data set for the US that includes traffic by hour, day of the week, month, and direction. As well as multiple other data points that are vital in assisting our customers to better, smarter decisions.”

Kalibrate’s new TrafficMetrix® data combines over 5 million published traffic counts with data from over 11.8 million connected cars on US roads. It’s unique road segmentation and bespoke modeling processes ensure that traffic data for the US is complete and consistent. Enabling its users to make confident and reliable decisions.

The new TrafficMetrix® data set is available from February 1.

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