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Inform your decision making, achieve maximum customer volume, and empower commercial impact.
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Current, complete, and accurate traffic data counts

Using TrafficMetrix® to inform your feasibility study gives you a deep understanding of local markets, so you can enhance your planning decisions. You benefit from:

  • An understanding of the impact of traffic on your analysis
  • Extensive coverage with the ability to pinpoint at a local level
  • Total confidence in frequently updated, field-verified traffic counts
  • Assistance provided by Kalibrate’s knowledgeable team, at no additional cost

Who uses TrafficMetrix®?

  • Fuel and convenience retailers, optimizing or planning new sites
  • Real estate brokers, hoteliers, and those in hospitality
  • Technology companies modeling consumer behavior
  • Local governments and town planners
  • OOH advertisers

Thousands of companies use TrafficMetrix® to make informed business planning decisions every day.

From Global Fortune 100 companies to small businesses, governments, and educational institutions, TrafficMetrix® is a critical component to strategy planning and tactical execution.