Where are you on the EV Maturity Index?

In our EV research, The Electric Evolution, we found retailers at three levels of maturity in their charger strategy: leaders, mainstream players, and laggards. To find out where you sit on the maturity index and discover next steps tailored to your business, try our EV Maturity Index calculator.

EV charger strategy

First Step

Thinking about your business’s EV strategy, which of these statements matches closest with your position?

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Second Step

What benefits have you seen as a direct result of your EV strategy to date?

  • 1 significant decrease
  • 2 slight decrease
  • 3 no change
  • 4 slight increase
  • 5 significant increase
  • Sales/revenue
  • Profit
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Store footfall

Third Step

Which of the following do you have data on?

How and when EV drivers charge their cars


How customers spend their time while charging their EVs

Customer spending that takes place during EV charging

The demographics and/or lifestyles of EV drivers including the journeys they take

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Fourth Step

If you offer EV charging, which of the following amenities do you offer to customers while they charge? (Tick all that apply)

Five Step

You are: a Laggard

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Businesses in the laggard category may be involved in EV initiatives but it’s less of a priority in comparison to other aspects of the business

You are: a mainstream player

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Mainstream players see the importance of EVC. Promisingly, you’ve likely made it a top priority and are possibly in the development stage of creating a strategy which you understand may have to adapt as the market evolves.

You are: a Leader

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Businesses within the leader category will most likely have a clearly defined EV strategy that maps out the road ahead. They tend to be astute to the future of EVs and rapid changes in the market

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Some key numbers for mainstream players:
  • 75% more sites running globally than laggards and 36% fewer sites than leaders.
  • 39% more employees globally than laggards and 16% fewer employees than leaders.
  • 5.7% average YOY revenue growth compared to 7% for leaders and 5.2% for laggards.
Man's hand plugs EV charger into vehicle

More about Kalibrate’s EV research

With insight from EV owners, prospective owners, and decision-makers in the supply chain, The Electric Evolution. unveils exactly what separates businesses from seeing returns on their EV investment to those yet to get their strategy up and running.

Our Maturity Index report gathered insights from 1,200 business decision-makers across the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, Mexico, Japan, and the Nordics, to chart varying ambitions, successes, and key traits behind EV maturity. We found three maturity levels operating within the market: leaders, mainstream players, and laggards.

Wherever you find yourself on the EV Maturity Index, Kalibrate provides robust insight, using the most relevant dataset and analytical approaches, to help you win more EV customers and increase your return on investment.

Ready to get started on your EV strategy?

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