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Kalibrate’s Decision Suite is India’s first platform for success in fuel and convenience retail. Create robust strategies to deliver real-time results with our data, software, analytics, and consultancy expertise.

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Ravindrath PSS, Client Services Consultant, Kalibrate India

“Kalibrate has spent 20 years working with Indian PSUs, private oil majors, and multinational companies. There have been many significant changes to the market in the past three decades, and Kalibrate has experienced that change and evolved. We’ve adapted our processes and solutions to say, with confidence, that we understand India. We’re here to be your single source for technology, product, implementation, and support.”

Kalibrate's Decision Suite

We provide business intelligence, from tactical, granular responses, to long term, strategic insights.

Fuel pricing

Sell more fuel, at a better margin, with lower cost, and reduced risk. Put AI and machine learning to work to dynamically evolve your pricing strategy.

Location planning

Plan new sites and maximize their potential. Understand consumer behavior, demographic characteristics, traffic and competitor activity in possible locations. Understand where and how to build your new site. Save time and money.

Network transformation

Transform your network by understanding which actions will deliver quantifiable outcomes and maximum ROI. Open and upgrade with precision.

Data intelligence

From raw data to curated insights, use business intelligence that delivers competitive advantage in your market development strategy.

Combine advanced scientific methodologies with India’s only verified fuel retail market intelligence to deliver maximum margin for your volume target.

Do you lead or follow your competitors’ price changes? How can you maintain margin and increase fuel volume?

  • Use the right data at the right time to inform your pricing decisions
  • Understand your pricing power based on your individual site characteristics
  • Understand the impact of possible changes to your site, to drive it to its full potential
  • Forecast and analyze the impact of change, and act accordingly

Make optimal pricing decisions through machine learning and AI, or via rule-based pricing.

Answer this all-important question with confidence every time: “Where are the best locations to build?”

Kalibrate’s Indian market data, cutting-edge data science, and 20+ years of industry expertise can help you identify the best opportunities for you to expand or improve your network.

  • Make intelligent investment decisions with a complete market data set at your fingertips and seven industry-leading, patent pending predictive methodologies
  • Understand site-specific drivers of performance and discover ways to maximize revenue
  • Identify hidden areas for growth, pinpoint opportunities, and maximize return on investment
  • Centralize network planning data in one repository, reducing the need for multiple tools

Take the guesswork out of new site plans and site changes by accurately forecasting the impact of decisions on volume and turnover with detailed, specific simulations.

Which sites in your network are underperforming? Why? What can you do about it?

Identify sites with untapped potential with scientific precision, and pinpoint areas for action using our unique analytical framework.

  • Direct investment to sites with potential to grow
  • Reduce investments in sites with limited potential
  • Use what-if simulations to quantify volume outcomes before making investments in your network

Inform investment and acquisition decisions and stay at the forefront of your market.

Deregulation has accelerated the pace of change in the Indian market. Are you keeping up with the new face of fuel and convenience retail?

What variables and considerations should you be accounting for when devising a strategy to compete in an unpredictable landscape?

  • Build a strategy for your changing environment
  • Avoid dropping fuel prices and encouraging volatility in a “race to the bottom”
  • Understand your strength as a local retailer compared with international oil companies

Use the 7 Elements for Fuel and Convenience Retail Success to understand the opportunities for your network in a deregulated market.

You're in good company

Leading brands lean on Kalibrate. See why the world’s major fuel and convenience retailers choose Kalibrate.

Preparing India for electric vehicles (EV)

The Delhi government recently announced the Electric Vehicles Policy 2020. There’s a huge emphasis on replacing two-wheelers, public transport, shared vehicles, and goods-carriers with EV. Kalibrate has assembled a range of resources to help you manage this transition period of increased EV adoption.

We understand a deregulating market

Improving market effectiveness during fuel price deregulation

Improving market effectiveness during fuel price deregulation

“A major oil company operating in Southeast Asia needed to assess the effectiveness of retail operations and pricing processes against new competitors.”

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Why Kalibrate stands out


years taking the risk out of decision making


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network planning decisions globally every year


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proprietary data going back over 40 years

Meet our team in India

  • Tejasa Jhaveri, Senior VP India

    Tejasa Jhaveri

    Senior Vice President, India

    Tejasa has specialized training in retail outlet network planning and dynamic pricing and is a key resource to Kalibrate in India. Tejasa’s specific areas of expertise include: retail consultancy for network planning and fuel pricing in a dynamic market, survey management, data quality control, project management, model development and analysis, and designing and delivering training.

  • Ravindranath PSS, Client Services Consultant India

    Ravindranath PSS

    Client Services Consultant, India

    Ravindranath has more than 37 years of oil company experience, having worked for the third largest oil company in India where he held several management positions, and lead a team as the head of retail network planning and pricing. He’s considered a “master trainer” due to his thorough understanding of network planning best practices. Some of his areas of expertise include conceptualizing and developing training programmes, developing standard operating practices (SOP) for retail outlets, and establishing a system-driven environment to ensure consistency in executing critical functions.

Book a personalized consultation with our Indian team and see how Kalibrate could fuel better decision making for your business.

With a global footprint and a local presence, we know the fuel and convenience landscape in your market.

Whether you want to drive customer volume, optimize margin, evaluate and respond to the competition, or perfect internal processes, we can help. We’ll create the right combination of data and technologies to answer the questions you have.

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