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We believe in loyalty and partnership — in fact, our first client is still a client today. We've helped retailers thrive across decades and major industry shifts. Providing innovation built around business challenges, we focus on outstanding service and integrity above all.

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Why are these leading brands choosing Kalibrate?

Cutting-edge data science

Kalibrate uses AI and machine learning technologies to help brands optimize their strategy. We combine sophisticated data treatment with intelligent optimization to achieve their goals.

Local knowledge, global reach

Kalibrate advises retailers worldwide on how to be best-in-class operators in fast-changing markets. Our industry experts give you strategic local insight and best-practice global advice, backed up by micro-local and macro-market data.

Seamless integration

Kalibrate provides technology-driven solutions with seamless integration, so you can get on with the business of making the best location, pricing, and marketing decisions.

Technical support 24/7

When you partner with Kalibrate, you benefit from dedicated business support 24/7. Along with continual collaboration and market expertise, we ensure you get the most from your solution. Always.

Game-changing consultancy

Kalibrate helps clients change the way they think about what’s possible. Our capabilities are rivaled only by our passion to increase retailers’ impact and profitability and achieve durable results

Cloud-hosted and managed

Kalibrate's cloud-based technology equips you with agile pricing and planning platforms with inbuilt flexibility, to accommodate market changes, system upgrades, and new information streams.

Every level of data

Whether you need granular data points to plug into your own systems, or insightful analysis to inform your next big decision, we work with you to answer your specific questions.

Always accurate, constantly current

Great data means great decisions. That's where Kalibrate comes in. We have all the industry intelligence your organisation needs, from the world’s most accurate and comprehensive datasets.

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RPF Oil Company do their homework before investing in new sites

RPF Oil Company do their homework before investing in new sites

“The size of the bet has increased […] now that sites cost so much money. Our average site costs between two and four million to build. Why wouldn’t you spend 6K to have another point of view to validate the investment?”

Dan Fleckenstein

Executive Chairman

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Our Client Advisory Board

Our Client Advisory Board brings together key clients to solicit feedback on their business needs, and the evolving issues they are face, while co-defining the future of fuel pricing and location intelligence.

Our annual user conference brings together experience and expertise from market leaders across our global client base, talking emerging and existing trends, product innovation, and how to get the most out of the Decision Suite.

Unlock your competitive advantage. Maximize business outcomes.

Build your business on data-based decisions you can trust. The Decision Suite empowers organizations across every stage of the decision making lifecycle. Define a robust strategy, automate what's appropriate for a flawless execution, and continuously challenge, validate and optimize your operations.


Define a strategy that sets you apart by understanding your unique potential and performance, and that of the competition.


Put proven processes in place to deliver on your strategy efficiently and effectively.


Automate repetitive tasks, create consistency and accountability, and free up your people to add value where they're really needed.


Continually spot opportunities to improve, act quickly to capitalize on them, and relentlessly push your business forward.

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