The Electric Opportunity – Mapping the habits, preferences and needs of electric vehicle drivers

Electric vehicles are shaking up retail fuel provision – and businesses need to be ready. Kalibrate has conducted an extensive survey of 1,433 consumers and 520 business stakeholders in 10 countries to understand the EV market and its customers.

Get a head start on your EV strategy

Our report, The Electric Opportunity: Mapping the habits, preferences and needs of electric vehicle drivers, discusses the results of that survey. The report explores how well-prepared companies are for the onset of EV, examines the shifting nature of consumer buying and charging behavior, and provides insights into what lies down the road in this accelerating market.

Here is a sneak peek at the stats we’ll explore:

  • Over half of EV drivers (57%) get nervous about running out of charge and two thirds (66%) are always on the lookout for new places to charge their EV.
  • The majority of EV drivers would value having access to EV charging at their place of work, and also at shopping venues.
  • 63% of decision makers think EVs are here to stay and need to be a strategic priority for their business
  • The majority of EV drivers are likely to make additional convenience spending when stopping to charge their EVs