Detailed customer insight for gas stations and convenience stores

How to utilize mass mobile data (MMD) to gain a deeper understanding of your gas station and convenience store customers to maximize profitability.

Generating detailed insight for gas stations and convenience stores

Learning the who, what, when, and where of your unique customers can be hugely valuable to gas station owners. Giving you the ability to pinpoint the products and services that suit your specific customer profiles. 

If you could see who is coming to your store, where they come from, and when they are there — you could build a more competitive and customer-centric strategy — and ultimately increase your profitability. 

Understanding your customer is the first step in providing a fantastic experience that attracts customers to your store, and more importantly, keeps them coming back. 

Large chains use loyalty data to understand their customers, but it’s not the only option. Kalibrate’s Mass Mobile Data (MMD) report can identify your specific customers, providing you with a whole new level of customer insight. 

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What is mass mobile data?

Mass mobile data is generated from cell phone data. It tracks the location of a device and provides current, reliable data on a person’s movements.  

By creating a geo-fence (a virtual geographic boundary) around your gas station or convenience store, you can pinpoint your own customers and reveal in-depth customer insight. 

What can mass mobile data reveal?

A Mass Mobile Data (MMD) report won’t give you personally identifiable information on your customers, it protects their names and won’t give you their contact details — but it will provide rich insight that will propel your customer-centric strategy. 

You’ll find out:  

  • Where your customers travel from 
  • Where they live, work, and play  
  • In-depth demographic information 
  • Which lifestyle segments they’re a part of 
  • Where they go to before and after visiting your site 

How to utilize mass mobile data in gas stations and convenience stores

Kalibrate can run a Mass Mobile Data report on any physical location in the United States. This includes gas stations and convenience stores that you own, and your competitor sites.  

New to industry sites can analyze other stores in the vicinity, or their closest competitor to gain an understanding of who their ideal customers are and when they are likely to come by. This gives gas station owners a head start on their competitors by removing the initial learning curve and allowing them to set successful strategies from day one.  

Mature sites can get in-depth customer insight to develop a deeper understanding of how visits to their site fits into a customer’s overall journey, and to identify opportunities to optimize the customer experience (and their spend in store). 

Understanding your busiest periods

A Mass Mobile Data (MMD) report from Kalibrate will show you when visitors are entering your site, broken down by hour, day, week, and month.  

This can help you to confidently decide on daypart strategies for pricing or promotions, as well as setting informed staff rotas so you always have the optimal number of staff.  

By cross-referencing visitor data with your own transaction data to uncover time periods when the store is busy with customers that are not spending — you can then identify strategic changes to increase basket sizes in these already busy periods. 

For sites that are considering daypart pricing strategies or daypart promotional campaigns, the MMD report will provide you with reliable data to inform confident business choices.  

busiest times for a gas station or convenience store

Redefining your trade area

Instead of defining the trade area of your gas station or convenience store by distance or drive time, the MMD report allows you to view where your trade is really coming from. You’ll identify how far people travel to visit your store and where your customers live and work.  

Understanding your real trade area will help you to re-evaluate your competitors and identify the ideal spots for promotional messaging. 

define your gas station and convenience store trade area

Understanding your customers

As well as a detailed demographic breakdown, the MMD report will show you the lifestyle segments your customers belong to. 

You’ll learn, not just about their ages and ethnicities, but about the makeup of their families, the sort of lifestyle they enjoy, what drives them, and how they use digital media. 

This unparalleled insight will help to create customer-centric strategies within your gas station and convenience store. Deliver targeted marketing campaigns, provide the ideal services, and offer the perfect products — to outperform your competitors and keep your customers coming back. 

understanding your gas station and convenience store customers

Identify the customer journey

Kalibrate’s Mass Mobile Data report reveals where customers stop before visiting your gas station and convenience store and where they go to after. Analyzing customer trip patterns like this will reveal how a visit to your site fits into your customers’ journeys. 

Identifying which competitors or other local stores you share customers with and what your customers are doing before and after visiting you, will give you a better understanding of exactly what they need from you.  

Armed with this insight you can provide exactly what your customers need, attract new customers, and take a greater share of the available market.  

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Mass Mobile Data FAQs

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