Mass Mobile Data FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about Kalibrate's Mass Mobile Data

What is Mass Mobile Data?

Mass mobile data is generated from cell phone data. It tracks the location of a device and provides current, reliable data on a person’s movements.  

By creating a geo-fence (a virtual geographic boundary) around your gas station or convenience store, you can pinpoint your own customers and reveal in-depth customer insight. 

Can you show me specific people that entered my store?

No. Customer privacy is protected, and mass mobile data will not provide you with personal data that can be linked back to any one person or household. Instead, it tracks the movement of devices and provides geographic, demographic, and behavioral data for visitors to your store. Giving you unrivaled insight into the types of customers you’re attracting.

To protect the privacy of device holders, geolocation information which is capable of precisely identifying an individual residential address for a singular household is geo-anonymized (or scrambled, or jittered), either prior to receipt by Kalibrate or prior to storage or analysis.

How does this help me with competitor analysis?

Running a MMD report on your own premises will reveal whether any of your customers stop at competitor sites in the hours before and after visiting your site. It will also show you where your customers are travelling in from so you can re-define your trade area — which could rule some competitors in or out.

You can also run this exact report on a competitor site — it doesn’t have to be one that you own. You can then compare results to benchmark your performance against the competition and identify if and how your customers differ — so you can strengthen your unique selling points.

My store isn’t open yet – how can I benefit from this report?

To run an MMD report, your site requires visitors. But new to industry sites can still benefit from a report. Running a report on a local competitor or other nearby business will give you a deep understanding of consumer behavior in the area — so you can set a data-driven strategy before you even open your doors.

You’ll know where to promote your launch, when to expect busy periods, and what you can offer to appeal to the market.

Find out more about Kalibrate’s Mass Mobile Data Solutions

  • Site Selection —  inform better location decisions for your entire network
  • Kalibrate Location Intelligence — combine your data, third-party data, and Kalibrate’s proprietary modeling approaches, to provide actionable insight for your entire organization
  • Single site gas stations — generate customer insight by running a mass mobile data on a specific location to understand visitors and visit trends


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