Site selection

The gold standard approach to site selection brings together internal and third-party data sources, bespoke modeling, and deep domain expertise, to truly know which locations offer the best potential.

Knowing your place: Data-driven location decisions

In the past, expensive real estate mistakes were just part of the process; many brands accepted that bad sites would make it through their pipeline. That isn’t true today.

An organization’s location strategy is one of the most crucial components to success. Knowing which markets to enter and how profitable a site is likely to be is just the start.


Identify whitespace potential and grow your brand

Understanding which markets offer the best potential to grow allows you to act with confidence and maximize return on your capital investment. Kalibrate helps you through each stage of your expansion.

  • Find opportunities regionally, nationally, and globally
  • Discover how many stores a market can support and the optimal deployment strategy
  • Build a roadmap of opportunities across new and existing locations and markets
  • Quantify cannibalization through transfer studies when opening new locations or assessing acquisitions

Wherever you plan to grow, data-driven approaches to whitespace analysis give you greater certainty that your next big opening will be a success.

Act with confidence: Sales forecasting

Most organizations know that good site selection decisions are underpinned by accurate sales forecasts — but what methodology should you use? Kalibrate brings extensive experience in helping operators spanning a wide range of industries model performance.

  • Select the most appropriate approach to trade area definition for your brand
  • Analyze relevant data sets including existing store performance, consumer profiles, demographics, and mobility data
  • Apply appropriate methodologies to account for a range of competitive, site, and situational impacts

Kalibrate helps you unlock micro-local insights through sales forecasting. We provide off-the-shelf or custom models to help you validate location decisions with meaningful and accurate sales forecasts.


Measuring cannibalization

A critical consideration of expansion is determining the impact that opening a new location will have on existing locations in that same market. Organizations engaging Kalibrate can empower their portfolio planning decisions.

  • Define trade areas for your locations to understand where potential overlap is likely to occur
  • Utilize your in-house data alongside third-party mobility insights to understand consumer distributions
  • Model the impact of openings or acquisitions by conducting transfer studies to maximize the capital return on portfolio level decisions

Quantifying how the potential transfer of sales will affect current store performance requires a robust understanding of data, modeling approaches, and your customers.  Organizations that get it right maintain their edge over the competition, driving positive results to their bottom line.

Reach your next customer with location-based marketing

Many marketers overlook the power of location when developing tactics, and even fewer boast the geospatial expertise to deliver impactful marketing solutions. But if you want to increase confidence in your marketing strategy, understanding the relationship between location and promotion is critical.

  • Master your customer profile by knowing who your customers are, where they live and work, and how much revenue they drive
  • Create prospect acquisition models to identify customers who best fit your target market while maximizing your marketing ROI
  • Conduct value gap analysis and rank your brick-and-mortar locations based on market penetration to discover unlocked potential

Our real estate and marketing solutions remove the guesswork to empower your organization’s growth strategy. Kalibrate can help you reduce your cost of acquisition while focusing marketing spend on the consumer segments that deliver the greatest return.

The Kalibrate approach

We believe in a statistically smarter, data-driven approach to growing your organization.

First-party data

  • We analyze all data at your disposal as the foundation of everything we do. The more robust your data, the more bespoke your solution can be.

Thirdy-party data

  • Kalibrate leverages the best available information when building analytics solutions. That’s why we partner with leading third-party data providers. With so many high-quality data sources at our disposal, we can create more flexible and dynamic solutions for our clients.

Mass mobile data

  • Mobile device data uncovers valuable location insights from millions of consumers. Whether you’re studying your own locations or a competitor’s, we provide unparalleled trip pattern analytics.


From machine learning to layered ensemble modeling techniques, Kalibrate offers more proprietary approaches to predictive models than any other location intelligence provider.

Trade area delineation

  • 15-minute drive-time polygons isn’t how trade areas work in the real world — and we believe a real-world methodology is the only way to deliver real-world results.

Customer profiling

  • Our proprietary customer profiling approach unearths the demographic and psychographic factors that matter most.

Competitive analysis

  • We evaluate your competitive landscape in a variety of ways – critically, to factor in the positioning of competitors relative to your locations and to the consumers you can serve.

Site characteristics assessment

  • Site and situational issues can significantly influence performance, yet are often overlooked. Analyzing these factors ensures your ability to objectively assess their impact on locations
Getting the data and methodologies right will only take you so far – the specialist knowledge of our team is what helps you go further.

For real estate professionals, by real estate professionals

  • Many members of our product development and customer success teams previously worked client-side, in site selection roles, making location decisions every day.

Experience across verticals

  • Our team possesses an extensive background in site selection across retail, healthcare, pharmacy, fuel, convenience, service retail, and more, so we understand the problems you’re trying to solve.

Working globally

  • Working in over 70 countries across the world, our team has extensive experience in markets at all levels of maturity and development.

Industries we work with

Kalibrate solves site selection problems across a range of industries


Expand your brand with confidence. Optimize your current locations and find the best sites for the next opening

Restaurant and QSR

Discover which potential site is likely to attract the most diners and how sales at existing locations are affected when you open new restaurants


Refine your customer profile and truly understand how site characteristics impact the accuracy of your sales forecasts

Service retail

Understand which markets have the best growth potential and spot opportunities for new locations and acquisitions


Model patient populations to forecast future growth potential, and optimize the placement of new facilities


Identify when you've reached market saturation, where whitespace exists, and quantify cannibalization


Maximize capital return by projecting cannibalization when assessing acquisitions, new openings, and location upgrades


Build a robust customer profile, so you know where demand potential may exist and the optimum marketing channels to focus activity

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Applying industry expertise to reveal the right answers for your organization. Kalibrate’s industry experts, strategic foresight, analytical rigor, and proven models will shape your strategy and put you ahead of the competition.

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