New TrafficMetrix® traffic count data

This page shows the new traffic counts for the US states that have been updated in TrafficMetrix® 22.1

Up to date AADT traffic counts
Traffic mapping USA

108,124 new road traffic counts added across the US

Texas Maine Alabama
33943 29035 16017
New Hampshire Oregan Pennsylvania
15485 10946 8288
New Mexico Conneticut North Carolina
7655 5794 5578
Arizona Colorado Nebraska
3406 3145 2775


With an additional 108,124 new road traffic counts added in version 22.1 TrafficMetrix® now provides 2,233,174 unique traffic counts and 5,366,968 total traffic counts across the US and Canada, as well as 1,894,931 current year estimates and five year projections making it the largest available database of North American traffic data.

This comprehensive TrafficMetrix® data can help make dependable location decisions and inform future strategy across North America.

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