Gas station performance modeling at reduced rates for Phillips 66

Should you buy, build, or refurbish? How many fuel pumps should you add? How large should the c-store be? Do you need an EV charger strategy? Kalibrate’s Single Site Analysis is the only business projection report to deliver all the data-driven answers you need — at a reduced rate for Phillips 66 marketers.

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What will your Single Site Analysis provide?

  • Get timely, accurate, unbiased fuel and convenience store volume projections
  • Benefit from objective due diligence to support investment decisions, negotiations and approach the bank for funding
  • Explore insights into hosting different brands
  • Test multiple “what if” scenarios, to refine plans and avoid under or overbuilding
  • Understand your trade area demographic to remain competitive
  • Create an EV charger strategy for your site and understand the adoption rates in your trade area


>Inform your gas station decisions with dependable location, market, and consumer data

Kalibrate’s Fuel Site Analysis provides a detailed report into your gas station sites, giving your business a complete view of customers, competitive landscape, store sales, and fuel volume potential — It also allows you to build an EV charger strategy.

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