A round-up of new location intelligence partners in 2021

As we grew our location intelligence offering, we also welcomed a number of new partners who are keen to enhance their growth strategies with the support of our platforms and our team.

The last year was an exciting year at Kalibrate to say the very least. Not only did we officially add to our location analytics portfolio by welcoming Intalytics to Kalibrate, we also added a number of new customers to the roster of partners we support.

Kalibrate clients range from traditional retail to service-based companies to restaurants and healthcare. Here is a sampling of clients that selected our team to guide their new location strategy in 2021.

Citi Trends

The specialty value retailer of apparel, accessories, and home trends for way less spend primarily for African American and Latinx families in the United States, engaged our team to develop a suite of real estate analytics solutions focused on expanding their retail footprint throughout the U.S.

“As we continue our transformation, Citi Trends is focusing on new store growth with an understanding that there are real estate deals to be made in the current environment,” said Kyle Koenig, Vice President of Real Estate and Construction for Citi Trends. “We chose to partner with Intalytics based on their track record for helping leading retail brands with strategic growth.


The Austin-based laser tattoo removal company has 60 locations and is looking to expand throughout the U.S. and Canada. “A primary factor in our decision to partner with Intalytics was their demonstrated history of assisting companies with successful brick and mortar growth. Their customized predictive analytics solutions, integrated within their SiteIntel platform, will create a powerful foundation for our team’s real estate decision-making process.”


Operating 175 studies through the U.S., Canada, and the Philippines the premium fitness brand, chose our team to serve as their predictive analytics partner last year.

“At barre3, we’re leading the charge to redefine what success in fitness means,” said Harper Kalin, vice president of franchise operations for barre3. “As we continue to grow our brand and spread that message, we wanted a strategic analytics partner that aligned with our growth strategy and was focused on the integrity of data and analytics. The team at Intalytics aligned with our focus, and we are excited for them to be an extension of our team helping to guide the next phase of our expansion.”


Last year, Claire’s Stores, Inc. expanded its partnership with Intalytics to include analytics in support of driving new store growth in Europe. Using customized sales forecasting models that will serve as the foundation for identifying new store deployment opportunities across the continent.

“While Claire’s has a significant footprint of stores in Europe today, we believe there is runway for further growth and expansion,” said Michael Schwindle, Chief Financial Officer for Claire’s. “Intalytics has proven to be an invaluable partner to Claire’s in the U.S., and we are excited for them to begin work in support of our growth strategies abroad.”

Interested in learning more about how Kalibrate supports its partners with location intelligence and analytics? Contact us to start the conversation.

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