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From informing location-critical business decisions to improving patient acquisition and retention strategies, data is playing an increasingly pivotal role for medical, dental, and veterinary providers.

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The unique challenges of healthcare providers

By its very nature, healthcare involves unique dynamics – payer mix, referral patterns and inpatient/outpatient dynamics – that call for a customized, personalized approach to real estate and marketing strategies.  

Putting your patients first

The episodic nature of many medical needs presents a challenge for healthcare marketers, as does the personal nature of the patient-provider relationship.   

  • Identify and communicate with the right audience based on the patient within your trade areas 
  • Understand your patients, and the wider community, and adapt your offering for them 
  • Streamline decision making — so you can focus on delivering quality care 

 Identifying and communicating with the right audience is key, so we work to ensure your organization benefits from powerful data sets, cutting-edge analytical techniques, and extensive subject matter expertise. 

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Optimizing your ambulatory care strategy

Payers and patients alike are leading a growing demand for outpatient care options that provide higher quality and lower costs in a more convenient setting.  

  • Optimize your location strategy by understanding where whitespace potential exists
  • Find and invest in sites that put you in the ideal location for your ideal patient profile 
  • Assess the potential of acquisition opportunities and the impact on your existing portfolio 

By approaching healthcare with a retail mindset, we help you to analyze your competition, understand your patient population, forecast future growth potential and optimize the placement of new facilities. 

New patients – no referrals necessary

From a marketing perspective, healthcare providers enjoy a significant advantage over other industries because of the patient data they gather on a daily basis.  

  • Learn how to tailor your marketing message for the ideal new patients  
  • Optimize your marketing spend for better results by targeting only those segments likely to become patients 
  • Increase patient numbers with ease and reduce your cost of acquisition 

We put your data to in-depth analytical use, creating patient profiles and targeting models to focus your marketing efforts on only those non-patient households most likely to become new patient households. 

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Digital healthcare services

Digital transformation is changing the way patients and healthcare providers see each other. Kalibrate understands the unique challenges and opportunities omnichannel operations present. 

  • Understand how to juggle physical and online offerings to provide the best patient experience 
  • Forecast the impact of hybrid medical care on your overall profitability 
  • Make critical and informed decisions with predictive analytics 

We help you make sense of your data to optimize in-person and virtual experiences, to make the system work for you and your patients while enhancing profitability. 

Ready to start your journey to more informed healthcare, location, and consumer decisions?

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