Know your market - The principles of site selection

What does 'good' look like in the site selection process? Here, we share our experience from decades of helping organizations make location decisions.
Know your market - The principles of site selection

Successful location strategies start with the right insight

We’ve been helping organizations harness the power of data to empower their strategy for decades. Here, we share a flavor of our approach to better location decisions based on our experience of working with a range of retail concepts and markets. This best practice guide covers;

  • Approaches to trade area definition and why it’s so important to select the correct one for your brand
  • Site characteristics and how they contribute to accurate sales forecasts
  • Competitive impacts: knowing who your direct and indirect competitors are, and how that impacts performance

New store openings, whether through greenfield development or acquisition, require significant capital expenditure. A robust approach to the site selection process speeds up your pipeline, reduces the likelihood of costly mistakes, and helps you make sure you get your next big location decision right.