Fuel network planning: strategic insight to master your fuel market

Today, there are more data and sophisticated modeling methods than ever to inform the fuel network planning process. Relying on gut feel is no longer an option. The insight and tools are available to remove the guesswork and add certainty to your decisions.

Assessing locations and understanding potential

Opening new gas stations – whether through green-field development or acquisition – is expensive, so it’s critical that teams making capital investment decisions are equipped with the right capabilities in order to:

  • Project demand to understand which sites are likely to deliver the best return
  • Benchmark against your existing sites and your competitors’ to spot untapped potential
  • Model network rationalization to understand the impact of closing sites and the volume your remaining locations can expect to acquire

Robust strategic planning ensures both site-level and portfolio-level decisions are correct for your markets as they are today, and how they will be long into the future.


Ready to make better fuel planning decisions?

For decades, Kalibrate has been the trusted partner of the world’s leading retail fuel brands, helping them maximize the performance of their portfolios and outperform the competition.

  • Sophisticated AI models to help you simulate change at a site configuration or portfolio level
  • Identify underperforming sites that could deliver higher volumes to focus capital investment where it delivers returns
  • Kalibrate’s extensive experience of working with fuel retailers

How do I get started?

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