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Inform your decision making, achieve maximum customer volume, and empower commercial impact.
TrafficMetrix video how to use traffic counts

Providing reliable published traffic counts, current year estimates, and five year projections.

TrafficMetrix® the best traffic data option for you if:

  • You need to analyze a full zip code or larger geography
  • You need credible data sources that aren’t restricted by small sample sizes
  • You have access to a GIS tool or want to work with raw traffic data*

*We work with a number of partners who provide TrafficMetrix® data as part of their wider GIS tools and platforms. If you require an analytics tool for your data, we can put you in touch with a suitable vendor.


TrafficMetrix traffic count data visualization

Current, complete, and accurate traffic data counts

Using TrafficMetrix® to inform your feasibility study gives you a deep understanding of local markets, so you can enhance your planning decisions. You benefit from:

  • An understanding of the impact of traffic on your analysis
  • Extensive coverage with the ability to pinpoint at a local level
  • Total confidence in frequently updated, field-verified traffic counts
  • Assistance provided by Kalibrate’s knowledgeable team, at no additional cost


Who uses TrafficMetrix®?

  • Fuel and convenience retailers, optimizing or planning new sites
  • Real estate brokers, hoteliers, and those in hospitality
  • Technology companies modeling consumer behavior
  • Local governments and town planners
  • OOH advertisers

Thousands of companies use TrafficMetrix® to make informed business planning decisions every day.

From Global Fortune 100 companies to small businesses, governments, and educational institutions, TrafficMetrix® is a critical component to strategy planning and tactical execution.