The TrafficMetrix 22.4 update!

The 22.4 TrafficMetrix data refresh is ready, providing an additional 121,384 data points and more!

The 22.4 TrafficMetrix data refresh is ready, providing an additional 121,384 data points. This update means that the TrafficMetrix® Essential package now contains:

  • Unique counts: 2,267,423
  • Total counts: 5,680,822

How would you use this data?

There are several ways in which traffic data can be used, and a lot of different businesses use it to help them make better decisions. Retailers across all sectors need traffic data when determining where to place new sites for maximum customer volume and commercial impact.

Out-of-home (OOH) advertisers use it to work out the best place to put billboards. Town planners use it to explore congestion hotspots and understand the impact of new construction on traffic flow.

Traffic data is also especially important for hotels and those in hospitality. When combined with a view on local points of interest, it can give a clear insight into where best to place new sites.

TrafficMetrix can be used with any GIS tool or analyzed as raw traffic data.  Delivered in multiple formats you have the ability to analyze traffic data as part of your current processes, in your existing toolset.

Whatever your objective, TrafficMetrix® premium, and pro are designed to empower better decision-making — the list of industries that TrafficMetrix® can be applied is endless.

The TrafficMetrix package

Using connected car data, our newly enhanced TrafficMetrix® product has unrivaled coverage across all road types, with better segmentation of roads as well as the granular direction of travel, day of the week, and seasonal traffic patterns. All of this is designed to provide increased value in location planning decisions.

For a greater understanding of how TrafficMetrix® can help you make better data-driven decisions request a sample today or speak to one of our sales representatives at

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