What’s new in Kalibrate Planning 3.0?

Following the launch of Kalibrate Planning 3.0, we introduce all the updates and new features you can use to accurately inform your decision-making with data and insight rather than intuition.

After two years of development and client consultation, we recently launched our latest iteration of Kalibrate Planning — the most advanced and intuitive yet.

We were keen to gather feedback on usability and features, so some existing LocationXpert clients received an early preview to provide insights into their specific use cases. We conducted a multi-team project to produce new ways of leveraging our AI technology, new features in the application UI, and improve usability, as well as additional data sets to meet clients’ expectations of what a SaaS network planning tool should look like in 2020.

So, what improvements have we made, and what do they mean for network planning? Here’s an overview of the new features which help our clients more easily keep pace with their markets.

The new features of Kalibrate Planning 3.0

Informing decision-making with cutting-edge data science is essential to effective network planning. Kalibrate Planning 3.0 harnesses the latest data science techniques, making our modeling better than ever. Instead of offering just one model, we now have a library of linear and non-linear models, with patent-pending AI selection ensuring model accuracy so you’ll always have the best fit. The tool combines vast datasets with more granular information, so you can leverage millions of global data points, while reflecting the specificities of your local markets.

This robust, more accurate data modeling software is future-proofed with the ability to integrate new models and data types, such as mobility data, as they emerge, making the tool more responsive to market and data evolutions. Kalibrate Planning 3.0 can fully integrate and leverage Kalibrate’s data, clients’ own data, and any third-party data — this flexible tool can become the single-point market and retail database for all your network activities.

To bring this advanced data integration and interpretation to life, your map insight is also more comprehensive. We’ve added more complex data layers, such as advanced visualizations around traffic and demographics, into the mapping solution as standard. For micro and macro vision across your market, the map can layer and display complex datasets, your customer data, and any additional points-of-interest important to you.

Despite the complexity of this upgraded solution, we’ve streamlined the user experience. The user interface is more intuitive so you’re never more than a click or two away from the information you need. Data visualization is clearer with the map providing direct access to all the geocoded data, so you can efficiently interpret your data. Kalibrate Planning 3.0 uses the Google Maps interface, offering access to all Google Maps functionality — from Street View to live traffic, and more — on a familiar platform for users so they can interact more efficiently. You can also now access the power of Kalibrate Planning on the move: mobile-ready functionality enables easy access for your field staff to keep your model updated with the latest information.

The benefits for network planning

Kalibrate Planning 3.0 is designed to keep network strategy up-to-date, by allowing you to benchmark proposed and existing sites against competitor behavior — all in the context of your market as it evolves. The solution helps you identify sites with high potential and low performance to quickly assess project viability, proactively determine the best opportunities to pursue, and take precise action on underperforming sites.

To further support your analysis of performance vs potential, you can run simulations across a variety of site offerings, and compare reports to explore how to obtain maximum ROI. These simulations are now a better indicator of the true compound impact of changes, forecasting your volume and your competitors’, to give you greater confidence in your decision-making. The ability to plot new sites is important for driving new volume, but getting the most out of existing sites is also critical to ensure you aren’t leaving money on the table for the competition.

The upgraded tool makes it clear which competitors you should be focusing on, while you can proactively target high potential locations ahead of them. You can easily explore the drive time catchment and which sites fall within it — hence, your direct competition — and click into specific sites to view information on trade area assessment, demand, local demographics, and competition. This comprehensive analysis takes you beyond the data to provide actionable insights into your sites, network, and market.

Kalibrate Planning 3.0 is an efficient and powerful tool which empowers our clients to master their market, predict outcomes with accuracy, and rapidly respond to competitor changes.

We remain committed to continuous functional improvement to incorporate even more analytics and advanced filters. All of these improvements place you in a stronger position to optimize your network and site profitability. See this powerful tool in action by watching “An introduction to Kalibrate Planning 3.0”.

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