Key elements of connected vehicle data  

Jo Birch, Assistant Vice President of channel sales at Wejo recently spoke about the new partnership Wejo and Kalibrate have undertook to overhaul of Kalibrate’s Trafficmetrix® product.  


Wejo uses connected vehicle data sourced from the world’s leading motor vehicle manufactures to find smarter ways of using mobility data and improve the road experience of drivers, owners, and riders. 

Kalibrate saw an opportunity with Wejo to enhance and overhaul our TrafficMetrix® product, allowing us to provide prospective and current customers with more granular and improved data.  

Wejo at a Glance 

Wejo’s fleet is comprised of 11.8 million vehicles across the US generating their location on the earth and direction of their speed and travel every 3 seconds — making it a highly accurate and granular data source. 

These data points are ingested into Wejo’s in-depth platform, normalized, localized, and protected by their security wrapper in real-time. These multiple data sources can then be accessed through a single integration and deployed in marketplaces such as retail, real estate planning, fuel stations, marketing, and advertising.  

Wejo collects more data per day than the New York stock exchange, this translates into 16.4 billion data points ingested per day and 72.7 million journeys per day. It’s unique road segmentation and bespoke modeling processes ensure that traffic data for the US is complete and consistent. Enabling its users to make confident and reliable decisions.  With this update in data you can see that the TrafficMetrix® product has been well and truly overhauled. 

Key elements of connected vehicle data  

Data accuracy and integrity  

Wejo’s data is incredibly accurate, each data point is precise to 6 decimal places of longitude and latitude this is critical for understanding the number of vehicles passing a site, giving an accurate understanding of the movement of traffic, site accessibility, and visitor patterns over the course of a day, week, month, or year.  

Speed of visibility and improved efficiencies 

The data is fast and regularly refreshed, the aggregated reports are updated monthly allowing you the ability to analyze historical trends as well as the freshest insight in and around retail locations. This in turn means the efficiency that you can understand vehicle value, and the impact on sales by location, is dramatically improved.  


Connected vehicle data is on the cutting edge of innovation, by utilizing this new and previously unavailable data source you can achieve and service new use cases.  Be it understanding the performance of your out of home advertising, dynamic pricing effectiveness, potential and actual footfall or competitor locations.

Connected car data is vital in making location planning decisions and understanding traffic volumes and movement patterns around your business allowing you to remove the guesswork from your location critical business decisions. If you’re a retailer considering investment in a new or existing site, you might want to evaluate the percentage of traffic you’re pulling off the road, or you may want to adapt your offering around peak traffic times or seasonally.  Or perhaps you’re an out of home advertiser trying to determine the amount of traffic that will drive past your billboard, whatever your industry or sector, TrafficMetrix® allows you to make accurate and informed location decisions. 

The list of industries that TrafficMetrix® can be applied to is endless, for a greater understanding of how TrafficMetrix® can help you make better data driven decisions request a sample today or speak to one of our sales representatives 


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