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At Kalibrate, we believe success starts with data-driven decisions.

Retailers across a range of industries are keen to start offering electric vehicle (EV) charging to their customers, but many are unsure what action to take. We can provide insights across the key areas as you look to assess the business case for EV charging.

Schedule a consultation to find out how to create a charger strategy fit for today’s electric vehicle market – and the market of tomorrow. 

  • Collate and curate datasets to inform decision-making
  • Assess your portfolio to identify locations where installation is viable today and plan to take action in areas where EV adoption will grow in future
  • Know the existing EV charging infrastructure, the availability of electricity supply, and the feasibility of adding charging facilities to your locations
  • Segment the EV drivers from innovators to early adopters into the early and late majority

EV customer segmentation: The early EV driver

How does the profile of the EV consumer change as we move through the adoption curve – and what impact should this have on retailers’ charger strategies?

Learn more about the EV drivers of today and those of tomorrow.