Learning from the best: Fuel retail planning engagements in action

Our planning team helps clients all over the world with site selection and optimization of their fuel networks. In this session, learn from the best as we round up examples of gold standard retail planning.
Learning from the best: Retail planning engagements in action: webinar screenshot

What does this webinar cover?

Kalibrate has been helping clients for many years to optimize their retail fuel network performance through customized consultancy projects.

In this session, Janet Tooke takes you through some of the key challenges facing clients and how these were addressed in tailor-made consultancy projects.

  • Invest for growth — How best to allocate capital for optimal performance
  • Invest to defend — Where capital is scarce, how to optimize existing assets
  • Invest to protect — How to protect your brand
  • Monitor and review — Have my strategies paid off?