EV adoption: when's the right time to act?

Join Kalibrate's Rich Wilcox as he explains how data insight can positively impact EV strategies, informing you when and where to act.
EV adoption. When's the right time to act. Using data to predict fuel demand decline

How will EV adoption impact fuel demand at your sites?

EV adoption is fundamentally changing the fuel retail landscape today. But with adoption rates varying dramatically across the globe, fuel retailers need to rely on insight to understand how EV demand will grow as they implement their EV strategy. Understanding how fuel demand will decrease can provide vital answers to when, where, and how you should act.

In this education session, Rich Wilcox explores:

  • Global strategies for energy transition — taking learnings from leaders in the market
  • How to uncover opportunities and threats posed to fuel retailers today
  • Best practices to understand long term fuel demand decline at your sites