Electric Opportunity: Getting ready for EV in 2022

In this session, we look at the key insights needed to empower decision-making around EV charger strategy and explore how businesses can prepare for mass EV adoption.

What steps should retailers be taking now?

With EV sales growing at a faster rate than traditional ICE vehicles, the rollout of the charging infrastructure to support adoption is struggling to keep pace.

Both fuel and non-fuel retailers are keen to stake their claim for the business of the EV driver, but many have not created a robust strategy.

The session looks at the key considerations you need to understand before adding EVC facilities to your site, including;

  • Feasibility
  • The competitive landscape
  • How to assess your trade area
  • The retail offer that could appeal to EV drivers.

There is an unprecedented opportunity for businesses with the right offering to capture a significant share of EV charging market. But this can only be achieved by providing the right charging facilities, in the right places, complemented by the appropriate retail experience.