Kalibrate Location Intelligence 2023 Q2 release

In this Q2 release, we are excited to announce the changes made to the user-defined channels in Competitive Insights as well as speed enhancements.

User-Defined Channels in Competitive Insights

Create your own channels in Competitive Insights!

Previously, Competitive Insights chains were dived into preset channels such as fuel stations, convenience stores, drug stores, etc.

Now, the user has the ability to create their own channels at the user level, or at the organization level, to compare any number of brands. The Competitive Insights grading system will re-index the given chains and assign a letter grade based on the data in the user’s custom channel.

  • At the user level, access the Competitive Insights configuration tool
  • At the org level, navigate to Management Studio and click on your Competitive Insights license.  

Some common use cases include:

  • Combine convenience stores and fuel stations to compare visits between the two categories in one channel.
  • Compare a drug store brand to convenience stores.
  • See how a Quick Service Restaurant stacks up against Casual Dining chains.

Competitive Insights speed enhancements

Clicking on Competitive Insights points will now store trade area and dashboard data in the cache at the service layer. As soon you open the point dashboard, all tabs begin to automatically run in the background.

This change causes dashboard data to load quicker, especially when viewing the same point more than once a week.


  • Point Detail Report updated with Traffic Metrix lines


  • Freely click the expand button in the legend when viewing Customer Maps. Previously, this button would not allow users to view the entire legend text. This issue has been fixed.

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