Kalibrate expands partnership with INRIX

Kalibrate expands partnership with INRIX, enhancing location analytics capabilities for site selection

DALLAS, TX (January 24, 2024)  – Kalibrate, the leading location analytics firm, announces a significant enterprise-wide partnership with INRIX, Inc., a leading provider of mobility data and analytics for cities, road authorities, and businesses. This move underscores Kalibrate’s commitment to using best-in-class connected device data to support its location-based consulting services and in its platform, Kalibrate Location Intelligence (KLI).

With data from vehicles, mobile devices, multi-modal systems, parking services and much more, INRIX has been instrumental in helping businesses and cities monitor, measure and manage how people and goods move throughout the day. This partnership enables Kalibrate to more broadly leverage the power of INRIX data, streamlining the process of selecting optimal business locations with efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and pinpoint accuracy.

Jordan Roberts, Director of Data Partnerships for Kalibrate, expressed the significance of this development, stating, “Connected device data is instrumental in making informed decisions about opening new stores. With INRIX’s unparalleled data sets, we are equipped to empower our clients with the critical information they need to select the right locations with confidence.”

“In today’s real estate climate, picking the right location for a business based on vehicle traffic and trips can make the difference between success and failure. Our goal is to provide site selection and marketing platforms the necessary ingredients to make these decisions,” said Mike Cottle, Senior Vice President of Enterprise at INRIX. “Whether it’s understanding the flow of traffic in the morning to determine the best location for a drive through coffee store or determining where your customers are driving from to get to your current or competitor’s locations, INRIX can deliver the critical data components to help make these decisions.”

Kalibrate’s strategic collaboration encompasses multiple data sets from INRIX, including vehicle origin-destination data, granular traffic details, and more. The partnership with INRIX marks a pivotal moment in Kalibrate’s journey to provide comprehensive and precise location analytics solutions to its clients. By integrating INRIX’s data into its predictive models and its location planning software, KLI, Kalibrate is poised to deliver even more powerful insights for optimizing business operations and growth.



Founded in 2004, INRIX pioneered intelligent mobility solutions by transforming big data from connected devices and vehicles into mobility insights. This revolutionary approach enabled INRIX to become one of the leading providers of data and analytics into how people move. By empowering cities, businesses, and people with valuable insights, INRIX is helping to make the world smarter, safer, and greener. With partners and solutions spanning across the entire mobility ecosystem, INRIX is uniquely positioned at the intersection of technology and transportation – whether its keeping road users safe, improving traffic signal timing to reduce delay and greenhouse gasses, optimizing last-mile delivery, or helping uncover market insights. Learn more at INRIX.com.

About Kalibrate

Kalibrate is a global location intelligence firm that specializes in supporting clients seeking actionable insights into questions relating to place, price, and promotion. The company’s customized analytics solutions consist of leading software platforms, consulting services, and proprietary datasets. Headquartered in Manchester UK, Kalibrate actively serves companies across industries in over 70 countries through office locations in the USA, Canada, Japan, India, and Australia.

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