Kalibrate is attending ICSC Here, We Go 2021

In December we're headed out to Las Vegas for the ICSC's Here, We Go conference. Here's a flavor of what we'll be talking about if you drop by and see Kalibrate at booth 4359.

Kalibrate are delighted to be back on the road for the Here, We Go 2021 ICSC event in Las Vegas in December.

If you’re headed out to the conference and would like to swing by the stand, why not reach out before the event to book a meeting with a member of the team?

Below, we’ve picked out a few areas our clients have been asking us about in recent months to give you some extra reasons to drop by the booth.

The new (bigger!) Kalibrate Group

In 2020 Kalibrate acquired Trade Area Systems and, in the last year and a half, the further acquisition of Intalytics and investment in eSite has significantly enhanced our location intelligence capabilities across analytics and forecast modeling.

This is the first ICSC event we’ll be attending as the new Kalibrate Group, so we’re excited to update you on the progress we’ve been making in integrating our solutions and services to widen the scope of our support. Our combined scale, resources, and expertise set us apart as the gold standard supplier for site selection professionals.

If you’re heading out to Las Vegas, don’t forget to say ‘hello’ to the team.

Customer segmentation: time for a refresh?

The fact that this is our first ICSC event in a long time tells us just how much the world has changed in the last two years. And that change will have impacted your customers’ behavior too. If it’s been a while since you last updated your customer segmentation, drop by and visit us at the event.

We’ve been helping a number of our clients refresh their segmentation in the last year – and they’re already using this insight to recalibrate both their location and their marketing strategies.

Rightsizing your portfolio

There are many elements at play when we help clients rightsize their store portfolios. From customer visualization to measuring cannibalization to understanding the e-commerce halo, it’s a complex task. We’ve spent a lot of time with our clients proving the right tools and guidance to achieve the optimal portfolio for their concept and customer base.

If you’re reassessing your portfolio in the coming months, or you just want to know more about approaches to rightsizing, why not book a meeting with our team at the event?


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