Meet the Kalibrate team: Ayesha, Charlotte, Danielle, and Lisa

"Kalibrate is a fast-growing company with great opportunities for recent graduates. I've been able to broaden my talents, gain useful experiences, and work on exciting research projects that have been well-received by the business."

At Kalibrate, we believe our success is driven as much by our people as our technology.

The Meet the Team series showcases some of the talent and expertise within the Kalibrate family.

Our latest instalment features four of our recent new starters – Ayesha Begum, Charlotte Harris, Lisa Cuthbertson, and Danielle Fussey who are recent graduates from around the UK.

What’s your role at Kalibrate? 

Ayesha: I was a Research Intern on the marketing team researching electric vehicle and location intelligence projects. I applied for a role whilst on my placement and was successful! I’m now a Sales Development Representative (SDR) working on sales outreach for new customers.

Danielle: I’m Executive Assistant to our CEO, Oliver Shaw and work with the wider Executive Leadership team on various projects on a day-to-day basis.

Charlotte: I started as a Research Intern after leaving Durham University, and after being successful in my three-month placement on the marketing team, I’m now starting as a Data Analyst in early 2022.

Lisa: After leaving Australia due to the pandemic, I started a full-time role as Global Marketing Executive – Pricing and Insights and I’m the first person in this role at Kalibrate!

What does a typical day look like? 

Ayesha: My day is filled with compiling data, analyzing, and researching the EV and location intelligence market in various geographic locations with a particular focus on the US and UK.

Charlotte: A typical day is filled with Electric Vehicle (EV) or Location Intelligence market research and I’m using various data sources to collate the data into a report for the leadership team.

Danielle: My day involves diary management on behalf of Oliver and the Execs. My tasks include scheduling meetings, organizing events, and booking travel arrangements. I also help to plan upcoming projects across the business.

Lisa: A typical day involves creating marketing material for pricing, insights and data whilst also helping with any internal projects. Team calls, chatting with employees all over the globe and assisting Jo (my manager) are also a big part of my role!

What do you love about your role?  

Ayesha: My job requires me to think in new ways as a result of my exposure to fresh information. I’m also inspired to come up with new innovative ideas and this pushes me to try new things. I enjoy applying theories to find solutions to problems. Another benefit of my position is that I get to meet new individuals. I’m quite excited to begin my new job as an SDR working on business development.

Charlotte: I love analysing location intelligence chain store data and using it to identify sector and market growth. I love learning about new industries and developing my analytics skills. I am looking forward to starting my new role as a graduate data analyst and progressing my career.

Danielle: I love the variety of tasks within my role as it enables me to engage within all aspects of the business. Reporting to Oliver and the Executive team allows me to feel valued and encourages me to think differently in ways I can positively support the business.

Lisa: I love being a part of the marketing team, and being able to discuss any ideas or plans with anyone on the team. I like that I am left to my own devices and trusted to make customer-facing decisions. I also really love how friendly and welcoming everyone is.

Why did you choose to join Kalibrate?

Ayesha: Kalibrate is a fast-growing company with several opportunities. In addition, as a new graduate, I was able to broaden my talents and gain useful experiences. More significantly on a personal level, I was acknowledged for my dedication throughout, which paid off as I advanced to an SDR role. I am excited to start my new journey as an SDR in January 2022.

Charlotte: Kalibrate is an exciting place to develop my skills as a recent graduate especially as the business has recently moved into the growing Location Intelligence sector. This is a fast-moving sector that allows me to have access to lots of data to analyze and interpret for the wider business.

Danielle: The opportunity to make this role my own intrigued me to join Kalibrate. I wanted to learn more about the business and how I can bring my skills, ideas and knowledge into a fast-growing environment, which stood out to me.

Lisa: I chose to join Kalibrate as they are a growing company and the opportunity to learn, and grow is immense. After meeting the VP of Marketing (Ruth Connor) I was pretty much sold as she made me feel very welcome, and allowed me to see I could learn a lot through her teaching and nurturing.

What is your background before joining Kalibrate?

Ayesha: I recently finished an MSc in Management and Consultancy with distinction which gave me the experience of working as a project consultant with several aviation, aerospace, and dental companies. I’m originally from Oldham, which isn’t far from Manchester and can commute easily into the city centre where our office is located.

Manchester has been my second home technically, due to doing my degree at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). I would recommend living in Manchester if you’ve just graduated because there is so much to see and do: museums, food options, job opportunities, and after-work activities with the team.

Charlotte: I am a recent Economics undergraduate from Durham University. I am also originally from the Isle of Man (a tiny island in the middle of the Irish Sea). I moved to Manchester so I could experience living in an exciting and lively city!

Danielle: I’m originally from Stockport and currently live there. Before joining Kalibrate, I lived in Sheffield for four years whilst studying Law at Sheffield Hallam University. During my four years, I volunteered at a Refugee Family Reunion Clinic. This was a very overwhelming but challenging experience as I interviewed Syrian refugees who were fleeing to the UK for safety.

Most of my clients were subject to torture and degrading treatment, therefore extremely frightened and vulnerable. I would communicate to my clients over Zoom via an interpreter and then write an application to the Home Office explaining why my client should be allowed into the UK.

This experience has opened my eyes and made me extremely grateful for all the opportunities I have today, especially the opportunity to work at Kalibrate.

I love the fact that Kalibrate is centred in the heart of Manchester. It means I can venture out to the bars and restaurants straight from work. It makes me miss the buzz of living in the city centre in Sheffield which is why I am looking to move closer to Manchester city centre within the next year.

Lisa: I am originally from Scotland but recently arrived back from spending two years in Melbourne, my accent is now rather confused and sounds like I attended an international school! I attended art school for 4 years in Scotland graduating with a degree in Fine Art: Painting.

Art has been a passion of mine for a long time but will remain a hobby…for now. I’ve always wanted to move to Manchester, it’s just like a mini-Melbourne, Kalibrate gave me the chance to finally make that move!

Which projects have you found interesting to work on or would like to on in the future?  

Ayesha: Working on the EV project was a lot of fun, especially considering the rapid expansion of electric vehicles in all countries, as well as the laws and funding opportunities for charging infrastructure throughout the world. Also, I thought it was interesting to see how EVs may be the way of the future once more charging points are installed.

Charlotte: I’ve found it interesting to learn a lot about the grants and wider funding available for EV charging which is having an impact on so many levels. It reflects the growing interest in environmental sustainability, and it is exciting to see how transport is evolving and be part of that change.

Danielle: I enjoyed collating all the company office leases into one document. It helped me to learn about the other offices outside of the UK, including the various sites located in the US, Japan, and Australia. I am currently project managing an upcoming company Kick-Off event which I am also looking forward to taking part in on the broadcasting day.

Lisa: I enjoyed designing the staff hoodies, but also being a part of the various tasks involved in the launch of new location intelligence products for the European market and the design of the new website.

Thanks to Ayesha, Charlotte, Danielle, and Lisa for telling us about your roles at Kalibrate and your hopes for the coming year.

Kalibrate is always looking out for new graduates to join our team as we continue our growth in 2022. If you’d like to find out more about the roles on offer, please visit our Careers page.

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Meet the Kalibrate team

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