We're running the Great Manchester Run for Lifeshare

Several members of Kalibrate's Manchester office team are due to take part in the Great Manchester Run over the 10k and half marathon distances on May 22. They are raising money for Lifeshare, a Manchester-based charity that looks after homeless and vulnerable people throughout the region. We asked several of them to tell us their reasons for running and why they are raising money for the charity...

At Kalibrate, we believe our success is driven as much by our people as our technology.

The Meet the Team series showcases some of the talent and expertise within the Kalibrate family.

Our latest installment features several members of our Manchester-based team who are running the Great Manchester Run to raise money for Lifeshare, a local charity that supports vulnerable people throughout the region.

Kalibrate Lifeshare

Why are you running? 

Beth Rogers (IT): It’s always been a personal goal of mine to be able to run for some distance, but I’ve never found the right opportunity to challenge myself. I felt that this organized event would give me the right incentive to do just that, as we are raising money for a truly worthy cause.

Brendon Edwards (Solution Engineering):
Lifeshare is an excellent charitable cause that should finally give me the motivation to get my running shoes back on.

Charlotte Harris (Data Analyst): I have recently started running, and the 10k is a way to challenge myself to run further distances and improve my fitness. It is also a great way of raising money for charity. I also enjoy taking part in activities as a team, as it strengthens work relationships too.

Kerry Plover (Management Accountant): I am running the 10k for personal reasons to get back into a healthy mindset and have a goal. It is a chance to join in with work colleagues as we have been quite distant over the past years, I don’t know many people outside of Finance because of this. It is also a chance to raise funds and awareness for a great cause that seems overlooked.

Natalie Gardner (Finance Business Partner): I am running the 10k to challenge myself while also raising money for a worthy cause.

Danielle Fussey (Executive Assistant): As much as I love to exercise, running has never really been my thing. I’m therefore running the 10k as an opportunity to take myself out of my comfort zone and challenge myself whilst raising money and awareness for a great charitable cause.

Gareth Owen (Location Intelligence): I’m running the half marathon to get one last distance half-decent race in before I turn 50 in the Autumn.

Lisa Cuthbertson (Marketing Executive): I am running as I would like to run a 10k and eventually do a half marathon this year – somewhat of a New Year’s resolution I am holding myself to.

Steven Rittey (Marketing): I am running the half marathon at the Great Manchester Run because I want to get back into running again. I haven’t been able to able to go out much over the past year due to the arrival of my daughter, Rita and I now spend most weekends pushing the pram!

Why are you supporting Lifeshare?

Find out more about Lifeshare through this short video introduction about the charity.

Beth Rogers (IT): It’s often an overlooked cause to raise money for those who find themselves homeless. It can happen to any one of us at any point in our lives and I can’t even begin to imagine the mental strength required to live through such hard times, feeling so vulnerable. If this run means we can help just one person to get back on their feet again, it’s been worthwhile.

Brendon Edwards (Solution Engineering): It is hard for me to think of a worse situation to be in than to be forced by circumstances sometimes beyond your control to live on the streets. By running a few miles to raise money, we will be able to make a difference to those most in need.

Charlotte Harris (Data Analyst): Walking to the office every day has opened my eyes to the number of people that struggle with homelessness. I often see people sleeping rough on the streets with no safe shelter or food. Lifeshare help to support these individuals with the aim to end homelessness.

Kerry Plover (Management Accountant): To be honest, I’d never heard of Lifeshare until this run, and it seems ludicrous upon reading more about them that they are Manchester’s oldest homeless charity. This makes me more determined to raise funds as it is so close to home and time to give back!

Natalie Gardner (Finance Business Partner): I have been working and living in Manchester for several years now and I have fallen in love with the city. However, there is a large number of people that are homeless across the city, and more needs to be done to help support these people so they can rebuild their lives. Through our fundraising, I hope to help as many people as possible.

Danielle Fussey (Executive Assistant): Working in the centre of Manchester has opened my eyes to the large number of people who are sleeping rough on the street. Lifeshare do an outstanding job at helping to improve those people’s lives and I look forward to becoming involved.

Gareth Owen (Location Intelligence): As the centre of Manchester becomes increasingly redeveloped, it is clear that so many people are getting left behind. Lifeshare does sterling work in helping those who are left the most vulnerable.

Lisa Cuthbertson (Marketing): I walk across Manchester city centre every day from my apartment to the office and the amount of homeless people that I see over a short distance is very concerning. If I can help Lifeshare support just one of the many individuals that I see, then all of the training will be worthwhile.

Steven Rittey (Marketing): Kalibrate is based in the heart of Manchester city centre and we see homeless people dotted along Deansgate on a daily basis. Raising the money for Lifeshare will hopefully improve the lives of some of those who are sleeping rough or without a permanent place to live in our local area.

What are your previous running or athletic experiences (triumphs or otherwise)?  

Beth Rogers (IT): I completed the National Three Peaks Challenge for charity in 2016 and left my good knees up on Snowdon. Having learned the hard way what no training for such events can cause, I’m happy to report that I’m keeping up with tradition.

Brendon Edwards (Solution Engineering): After finishing the Paris Marathon in less than four hours in 2013, I am hopeful that I can also run a sub 4-hour 10k this time. Other sporting triumphs include a 3rd place finish in the Triple Jump at the Eskdale Junior Athletics Championship in 1994.

Charlotte Harris (Data Analyst): My running triumphs peaked during primary school cross country. I was the champ for 4 years running. I hope to be as good at running as I was at 10 years old!

Kerry Plover (Management Accountant): I previously ran the Manchester 10k in under 57 mins (6 years ago). I doubt this will happen again.

Natalie Gardner (Finance Business Partner): I enjoy physical challenges and have completed the Manchester 10k once before. I am hoping to beat my previous time – fingers crossed!

Danielle Fussey (Executive Assistant): I don’t really have much experience in running however I do like to get involved with charitable work and enjoy making a difference to people’s lives.

Gareth Owen (Location Intelligence): I finished in the Top Ten in last year’s “(Wo)Man vs. Barge” race, because all the fast fell runners at the front got sent two miles up a mountain in the wrong direction.

Lisa Cuthbertson (Marketing): I started running during the lockdown in Melbourne, as we were continuously in and out of lockdown, it was the only sport I could keep up.

Steven Rittey (Marketing): I enjoy running and have run from Glasgow to Edinburgh and Manchester to Liverpool in the past! However, my favourite running achievement was receiving a free place in the 2019 Manchester Marathon and completing it with just a few weeks to train.

How can I support the runners?

You can support the runners and Lifeshare by donating on our JustGiving page. All monies received will be going directly to the charity.

To donate, please visit our team page here where you can contribute to an individual or the whole team.

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