Meet the Kalibrate team attending the ICSC Las Vegas conference

We're attending ICSC Las Vegas 2022 to showcase our capabilities in the location intelligence space. Visit us on Booth 4955, South Hall.

If you’re heading out to Las Vegas for the big ICSC event in May and have plans to visit the Kalibrate booth, we’ve introduced just some of the personnel in attendance from our team.

If you’d like to book a meeting in advance of the show, please click here and we’ll be in touch to schedule. Alternatively, please call by our booth. Our number is 4955, South Hall.


Charles Wetzel

Charles Wetzel, Consultant, eSite 

“I love a lot of things about my role. We are in the business of creation and it allows a high degree of ingenuity to dream about what is possible – working with people that want to solve very complex questions in a very simple way.”

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Matt Montgomery

Matt Montgomery, Managing Director (Sales)

“Three aspects of my current role stand out in my mind – the ability to work with and learn from some of the best and brightest in this industry, the opportunity to engage in problem-solving with leading operators and investment firms, and the consultative nature of my work.”

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Dave Huntoon

Dave Huntoon, Managing Director (Client Services)

“I am excited about the opportunities that the Kalibrate Group offers our clients. While our work to date has been concentrated in North America, Kalibrate currently operates in more than 70 countries around the globe. The close collaboration with Kalibrate will enable us to provide cost-effective global solutions on behalf of our clients.”

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Dustin Stancil

Dustin Stancil, Director of Business Development

“We always ask the “so what” questions with our clients and often challenge them to think about what the best solution is for their goals. We do this by first understanding where they are and then where they want to go. Internally, it’s about challenging each other to be the best provider of our software and services.”

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Brian Strickland, Strategic Account Manager

“I love answering our clients’ questions about their business and giving them confidence in their decision-making. I enjoy working with a range of clients from QSR (Quick Service Retail) brands all the way to a tattoo removal company based out of Austin, Texas.”

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Kalibrate employees also attending;

Peter Bacigalupo, Director of Client Services

Robert Matson, Client Analyst 

Clayton Butler, Senior Analyst, eSite

Kevin King, Strategic Account Manager

Grant Irving, VP Sales




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