Meet the Kalibrate team attending ICSC Las Vegas 2024

Learn more about the team attending the ICSC show in Las Vegas.

If you’re heading out to Las Vegas for the big ICSC event in May and have plans to visit the Kalibrate booth, we’ve introduced just some of the personnel in attendance from our team.

If you’d like to book a meeting in advance of the show reach out to your account manager, or for new business book a meeting here. 

Charles Wetzel

Charles Wetzel, Chief Executive Officer

“In the last few years, we’ve brought together market leading operators across location intelligence platforms, modelling, and analytics. Under the Kalibrate umbrella, the breadth of capabilities and depth of insight we can offer retailers can’t be matched elsewhere. Whether you’re a high growth brand opening new sites or an international concept optimizing a huge portfolio, we can meet you were you are on your journey.”

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Kayla Kurtz, Account Management Director

“My success can only be measured by the success of my clients. The solutions we deploy, the tools we create, and the roadmap we’re working together to implement, keep me excited each day. No matter the existing client footprint (1 location or 1,000+ locations) we are constantly learning and pivoting to find the most effective unique strategies – whether their objectives are expansion, customer targeting, or portfolio optimization exercises. ”

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Dave Huntoon

Dave Huntoon, Vice President Strategic Account Management

“I am excited about the opportunities that the Kalibrate Group offers our clients. While our work to date has been concentrated in North America, Kalibrate currently operates in more than 70 countries around the globe. The close collaboration with Kalibrate will enable us to provide cost-effective global solutions on behalf of our clients.”

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Brian Strickland, VP Account Management

“I love answering our clients’ questions about their business and giving them confidence in their decision-making. I enjoy working with a range of clients from QSR (Quick Service Retail) brands all the way to a tattoo removal company based out of Austin, Texas.”

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Glenda Bemis, VP Customer Support & Delivery

I am VP Customer Support & Delivery at Kalibrate, which means I’m part of the onboarding process for new clients. I work with them to understand their situation, what data they have or need, what they’re trying to achieve in our products, and how best to deliver. I also provide support from a technical aspect, so they’re getting maximum value from the tools.

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Also attending;


Jill Szymanski, VP Sales


Grant Irving, VP Sales


Lizzie George, Business Development Representative


Stephen Polanski, Managing Director of Global Business Development


Lisa Hill, VP Sales


Peter Bacigalupo, Director of Client Services


Anthony Vanikiotis, Regional Account Manager


Robert Matson, Regional VP of Sales


Clayton Butler, Senior Analyst


Kevin King, Strategic Account Manager

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